Kusum Rolls (Park Street, opposite Flurry’s, Kolkata)

Contributed by Guest blogger – Neha Manchanda

YUMMRAJ is yet to taste this so far.

• Double Chicken Double Egg Roll: INR 60
• Double Egg roll: INR 30
• Double mutton roll: INR 45
• Paneer Roll: INR 25
• Egg Roll: INR 13

signboard of kusum rolls

When in Kolkata, you really cannot miss out on digging into street food – jhaalmoori (Kolkata’s answer to bhelpuri), Puchka (gol gappas for us Delhiites) and sweet potato. But if you are in Parkstreet, it would be a sin to miss out on Kathi Rolls by Kusum Rolls. I would rather say that any talk on chicken rolls / mutton rolls is incomplete if Kusum Rolls is not mentioned. Bite into the crisp yet light paratha with copius amounts of meat (mutton / chicken) and you would immediately agree that the roll is right up there with the very best. Not to mention, the amount of customization that you can do with the roll to suit your taste – green chillies, crispy fried onions, sauce / no sauce, more masala and the likes.

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