Spectra, Coffee Shop, Leela Kempinsky (NH8 Gurgaon, besides Ambience Mall)

In a nutshell:

Loved the experience & the food – a few ifs & buts though on the food. Will surely revisit to try out other cuisines.

Inside Spectra, Leela Kempinsky, Gurgaon

Address & Menu card : Spectra

Meal for 2: Rs. 2000 onwards

Cuisine type : Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

Cool & colorful decor at Spectra Leela kempinsky gurgaon

Short description – In case u r in a hurry:

As u walk into Leela & then into the Coffee shop Spectra, ur eyes r overwhelmed with the decor & the look. I wud not say that it is the most artistic place I have been to but it is a visual delight.

........... a visual delight

As u walk in the restaurant u realize that the staff is very warm. I have this funny habit of wearing the most ordinary of clothes to a 5 or a 7 star & then asking for non bottled filtered water – The reaction is very interesting to see coz a section of the staff in most of these places tend to judge u by these initial parameters. Here at Spectra the reaction was as warm & normal as it could get & they passed my funny test with flying colors.

The Coffee shop has a very very interesting Japanese counter where u can chat with the chef, tailor-make ur sushis & sashimis & sit & eat on the bar table. The Chef rolls the sushis in front of u from scratch &serves.

A little away from there is the Chinese counter. Here again u can sit on counter, chat with the chef , tailor-make ur food & eat soups, stir fries , soupy noodles like thukpas etc. All ingredients are kept there as well & the colors of them are a visual delight.

There are also a good representation of cuisines that u usually do find too many Top end Restaurants specializing in. e.g Arab cuisine, Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean . They also have a large list of good unusual food (unusual when compared to menu cards of other delhi restaurants).

The menu card has a very large & wide selection vegetarian section.

Other interesting options are a breakfast spread Rs. 750 + taxes, a Lunch buffet of Rs. 1600 + taxes , a Sunday Brunch (with sparkling wine, house red & white wine, beer & vodka cocktails) & a Champagne Brunch for Rs. 3500 (Champagne in place of Sparkling wine + everything else) .

We liked the seafood soup, loved the Moroccan seafood grill & Freaked out on the outstanding tenderloin steak.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading:

The bread basket which usually comes first surprisingly did not have sufficiently warm bread. The breads were pretty tasty though.

tasty breads served cold

The Seafood soup that we ordered had prawns, scallops & Clams. It was tomato based, good, different, not tomatoee, but not in the same league as the best seafood soup I have ever had. I wud put this in a percentile range of 80 – 85% of all seafood soups I have ever had – the range includes everything from street-food to 5 star & 7 star Restaurants.

seafood soup

I dunno why my bread was served on the soup – maybe the bread just slid into the soup while serving. For my wife, the bread was served separately. Needless to say mine felt soggy & funny – like thin arrowroot biscuit dipped in tea. Wud have liked it better separate.

Moroccan seafood platter – mild spiced, made in olive oil, lots of red yellow & green bell pepper perfectly grilled with spices – very enjoyable.

moroccan seafood platter

Rossini tenderloin steak was served with truffle, pan seared foie gras, zucchini, aubergines, carrots, on a bed of normal mashed potatoes. The steak was Brilliant, mind-blowing, phenomenal. We had it Medium done – very very Juicy, soft & tasty. The accompaniments mentioned above were done up too good on the grill – mild charred, grilled & smoky flavored. The Super buttery & ‘full of flavor’ Foie gras (outstanding taste on its own )added an excellent taste & texture angle to the steak. One of the best steaks I have had in Gurgaon.

superb tenderloin steak with foie gras

For drink we tried Home made mint punch – sweet & sour with a tinge. It was lemon juice, sweetener & freshly cut ginger – quite interesting, a bit over-sweetened for my taste, the ginger effect was super mild – The taste of the drink cud have been better if ginger were to be muddled with lemon / at least a tiny muddler provided. Interestingly the drink tasted much much better after 10 minutes of us trying to muddle the ginger with our stirrers.

Home made mint punch that lacked punch

Overall – Look forward to revisiting to sit & eat on Japanese bar, Chinese bar & to try out Arab & other ‘not much available in Delhi’ dishes.


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