Fresh Salad with Veggies & Tangy Mayo dressing.

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For all those of u who think salads r boring, this one will make u sit  straight & rethink.

the YUMM salad

It all started with an impulse purchase of orange, elliptical shaped cherry tomatoes – something that we do not come across too often in Gurgaon.

Cherry tomatoes - the one which triggered this food.

Salads sprung up as the best option to fully utilize the new catch. For the salad described below, u can use normal cherry tomatoes as well.

To add a nice twist to the taste we picked up round red radish – These are crunchy, juicy, have a mild pungent flavor.

round red radish

For the dressing, after a long unfruitful internet search, I decided to try out something new on my own.

Well, post that tiny story of mine, lets get to the cookology.

Cut 5 -6 Radish, 1 Cucumber, 1 onion, 1 apple & 1 box cherry tomatoes into similar sized cubes of ¾ inch length. Tear 1 iceberg lettuce with ur hands roughly into 2 inch sized pieces.

preparation for the salad

For the dressing blend together coriander leaves &mint leaves in 1:1 proportion along with 2-3 green chillies, 2 cloves of Garlic, salt, juice of 1 lemon & 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil. U may adjust the salt, lemon, garlic & chilles according to ur taste.

the ingredients of the green paste Mix this into a smooth dark green paste.the white mayo & the dark green paste

Add it to 4 tablespoons mayonnaise & mix together with a spoon – do not use blender or electrical mixer. Add approx. 2 teaspoons honey to taste.

the too good salad dressing

U may use hung curd as an alternative to mayonnaise as well.

Now, its turn for some home-made croutons. Chop off the brown crust from two slices of bread. Cut the slices into ½ inch length square pieces. Toast both sides on a dry griddle (tawa) – till crisp.

toasted croutons

Remove the toasted bread pieces from Griddle & remove from fire. Pour olive oil in the hot griddle. Add 1 clove of garlic sliced in olive oil. The flavor of garlic infuses into the oil.

croutons in garlic infused olive oil

Toss the croutons in the garlic flavored oil & keep aside.

Finally its assembly time.

Toss all fruits & veggies other than lettuce with the salad dressing. Layer a large bowl with the iceberg lettuce. Pour the tossed veggies & garnish with croutons.

the assembly starts

Tastes best if u eat immediately after making it. Tastes good max. upto 3 hrs (add croutons only before eating).

Let ur tastebuds have a ball of a time.

Note: Our ‘seasoned blogger & foodie’ friend loved this salad & commented that it wud have been even better without the onions. So u may add / not add onions based on ur choice.

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