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  1. Hi Yummrajji…..I tried One night stand in sector 29…..for me as a vegetarian it was a 3.5 average but I guess if you try may like it.

  2. Chanced upon this blog whilst Googling “chhagol”, of all things! (As y’can probably guesstimate: “rum chhagol” did the trick!)
    Anyway, having read up all your reviews in Kolkata, I entreat you to “demystify” Flurys (Park St., Kol.) the next time you guys visit the city. Being a “Xaverian” (who abhors that particular epithet, btw!;)), I was, recently, quite taken aback to see the decline in standards over there (as compared to those during my college-days). Hopefully, your experiences will better mine.
    Also, goes w/o saying–Olypub (Part St. again, of course). In an age rife with meretricious chain cafés spawning everywhere, the good ol’ folks over there still strive to make you a (-n overdone) beef steak, a (mostly tender) mixed grill, and a Chateaubriand steak (rare, in this case) as best as they know how to. Couple that with the immensely low price–for the drinks as well as for food–and y’ve got a winning combination in your hands, one which (to an impoverished student and/or anyone looking for Value for Money) is sure to beat Trincas’ (Ibid.) with all its old-world charm … (let alone Someplace Else with its faux swanky glory!). 😛

  3. Mitropam, I totally agree with you on OlyPub, its my favorite place too for steaks et all. Sometimes, I carry the steaks home and do a twist with the sauces, as it is rather convenient way of cooking beef. Another good place to try the steak I would recommend is at “Mangio” (Cookie Jar) food court at Alipore. Though its NOT always available.

    1. Thanks a lot for the information Sanjiv!:) Haven’t had a chance to visit Mangio for ages now. The last time I visited, it was still at a nascent phase. Even so, the fond memories of the Chef’s Salad still lingers. Will surely give the steaks a try next time.

  4. Hi Yummraj,
    I stumbled on your food blog and looks like you’re the best person to help me out here. Mate – I’m going to ask a girl out on a date. Can you recommend a good restaurant in Delhi to take her out to? I’m looking for a place thats not loud, good ambience, waiters who are not in your face and of course good food and some wine. I’ve been to Delhi just one and it was just for a weekend two years ago. I’ll be there for a couple of days in the 1st week of November. Would you recommend outdoors or Indoors?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps!

  5. Check out Rahul Eggs Located at Gate no 2 of Keshav Puram Metro station in North Delhi
    Would love to read your review of the same
    PS : Do try Tandoori omlette there

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