Tangy Mango Salsa with toasted pita bread / nachos (cool summer snack)

It was one of those occasions when we were expecting a guest – someone who wud come to our house for the first time. I was thinking about ideas for an innovative starter & that is when my eyes fell on the ripe seasonal mangoes kept in the corner of the kitchen.

I thot – Why not use mangoes? Mangoes? Mangoes for a starter? ……………………. ok, why not a dip made with mangoes? & then slowly over the next 30 minutes I figured it out, tried it & really loved it. So did my guests.

the wow mango salsa

Here is how u can try doing the same.

fresh ripe & juicy mangoes

Peel 2 mangoes & finely chop the mangoes as much as u can. See the pic to get an idea of how u can chop.

how to mince the mango

Keep the minced mangoes aside.

minced mangoes

Take 100 grams of black Kalamata olives & chop them finely.

Kalamata olives - full & chopped

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