Swiss Gourmesa (Ghitorni Crossing, New Delhi – towards Ghitorni Village – road besides Big Boyz Toyz)

In a nutshell:

A marvel hidden in a totally unexpected place. Reminds me of the story of Rapunzel – A princess tucked up in a tower in the middle of a forest. Swiss Bakery in Ghitorni Village!!!!

Swiss Gourmessa

Address & other details: Swiss Gourmessa

Meal for 2: Rs. 250 onwards

Black forest at Swiss Gourmessa

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian


The store did not seem to be doing too much business but I was told that they have a good sale coming from cutomers in Gurgaon & South Delhi – They get orders ranging from cakes to breads to breakfast to lunch – delivered at home. Expats seem to like this place a lot.

They have a host of breakdast options (not a very long list though) which can be delivered to ur home or can b served to u with a day’s notice. French hearts were on display & so were a decent variety of breads.

Chocolate eclairs – Bought it at 12.00 noon, left it in the rear seat of the car & ate it at 2.30 pm. Result – the best ever chocolate eclair I have had so far with the molten chocolate filling oozing out with every bite. A subtle light brown filling within & a dark chocolate layer on the top.

Marcus Bee Tarte – This was a Fresh baked cake filled with vanilla custard & topped with almond & honey. Excellent. I am at loss of words to describe how good it is. Just try – Hope u will not b dissappointed.

Linza Torte Slice was a Nut n jam layered cake with almond base & a raspberry filling – good overall but the lowest base of the cake was over-browned, had no taste & was interfering with the taste of the raspberry filling.

Linza Torte slice

Rum ball – cud not sense the rum or its flavor but was very tasty. The inside is like a very good Christmas cake & it is covered on the outside with thick rich dark chocolate.

rum ball

Black forest – We had this at the store itself – served straight out of the refrigerated Pastry counter. The taste wud hv been better had we eaten after 15 mins – to get to optimum temperature & hence the texture of the cake. The Taste superb – thin multilayered cake with subtle taste – The cherries looked yumm & tasted good too. Not too many people in Delhi can get a Black Forest right – most of the times. That gives this Bakery some brownie points.

Black Forest

Cherry pie looked like an apple pie, had a very good filling but quite boring overall. This was the only one with which we were not that impressed.

Cherry Pie

Overall – Look out for this place & enjoy some good snacks & bakes. One of the top ten standalone (leaving apart 5 star Bakeries) cake shops in Delhi NCR.

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