Kusum Rolls (21, Karnani Mansion, Park Street Area, Kolkata)

Read the earlier guest post on this eatery by guest blogger Neha Manchanda.

In a nutshell:
An unmissable roadside shop that serves some really yumm traditional KOLKATA rolls and some weird fusion ones as well.

kusum rolls

Address & other details: Kusum Rolls

Meal for 2: 100 onwards

Cuisine type :  vegetarian & nonvegetarian

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I rate all the food items & then give a final overall rating which is a simple average of the individual item ratings. What the ratings stand for: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Disaster.

menu card – now that is called permutation & combinations

Short description – in case u r in a hurry:

We were reminded of this place when our friend Neha decided to write a guest post on this place few years back. We had earlier been here but never Paid attention to details – had just enjoyed the food.


The shop has a tiny kitchen ( chopping room) and an open kitchen ( roll frying and assembly), that is also the sales counter.

View from across the street
View from across the street

The menu is written clearly on the wall and rolls / other food items are made after customers place an order.


The guys at the counter are pretty silent with almost no facial expression. It seemed they r always under serious pressure to deliver fast.


Service is as fast as it cud get.

At work
At work


Food was too good in general with an exception that u will get to know in the next section.

rolling the roll

Detailed description – in case u want to njoy reading:

Double egg double chicken roll: Huge rolls. Thick, layery, somewhat lacchadar. Crisp on the outside, soft inside. The paratha had a taste of its own. So loved munching on the corners as it is. Egg made it soft.

Double egg double chicken roll
Double egg double chicken roll

Chicken kababs in the middle were perfect. Burnt on the edges, soft and juicy within. Flavours of the masala made their presence felt. A tinge of sour from freshly squeezed lemon and a tinge of hotness from roughly chopped green chillies. Overall balance of the roll in terms of taste, texture and flavour was amazing – diversity made its presence felt and they all contributed to making the final dish awesome. One of the best rolls I hv had in years. Rate it 4.75/5.

Double egg double chicken roll
Double egg double chicken roll

We then tried mutton kababs. Turned out to b the same kababs that they use for rolls but they r stir fried with onions and chillies b4 serving.

mutton kababs.
mutton kababs.

Chewy, soft , yumm. Flavours of meat and masalas made their presence felt. Rate these 4.5/5.

mutton kababs.
mutton kababs.

Paneer mayonnaise Roll. We were intrigued with the concept of mayonnaise rolls. We were told that it was an innovation. It turned out like a pathetic fusion – not Indian and Mughlai and not western.

Paneer mayonnaise Roll.
Paneer mayonnaise Roll.

Half the roll we had as it is and when we cud bear no more, we threw away the mayo and had the balance roll like a paneer roll.

making of mayo roll

Paneer roll as it is without the Mayo part was excellent. Paneer filling was very good. Very soft inside and charred on the outside. Rate it 4.25/5.

Paneer mayonnaise Roll.
Paneer mayonnaise Roll.

Paneer roll with mayo was a disaster. It was neither here nor there. It was murder of a great roll. Rate it 1/5.

accompaniments with roll – in case u need more chilly

Average of these two parts of roll is 2.75/5

Overall rating of food at kusum rolls averages out to 4/5

Needless to say we wud revisit & surely avoid the mayonnaise version.

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