Pandit ji kachoriwala (prasanna kumar Tagore lane, Chitpore, notun bajar, kolkata)

In a NUtshell

A shop without a sign board, popularly known as pandit ji kachoriwala that sells fab gulab jamuns & pretty good kachoris

The corner shop

Address & other details: pandit ji

Address written in Bengali on the building next to pandit ji’s shop

Meal for 2: ₹30 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian only

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Payment by cash. No bill.

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We were in notun bazar after hearing that this was the best place in kolkata for buying sweet making equipment & also kansa utensils.

It was only after we reached the market that we realized that the kansa market was shut (someone had expired) & the sweet making equipment & sweet packaging market was partially open.

Kachori & aloo ki subzi

So our work got over fast. While looking for what we were there for, we had crossed a shop 2-3 times. The gulab jamuns kept in the shop were just not getting off my attention.

It was a corner shop & on the third occasion we decided to stop by & try gulab jamun.

That bucket full of gulab jamuns

In kolkata one can you to a shop & say ‘give me one gulab jamun’ & the request will be met without a scorn or a surprise.

The boy manning the store said they are known as Pandit ji kachoriwala. They do Kachoris & aloo ki subzi & khasta kachori.

Cross section of gulab jamun

The gulab jamun turned out to be one of the the best I had in say last 5 years. 1, 2, 3 , finally had 4 of them.

A tinge of salt to balance the sweetness, the fab texture of the gulab jamun, the dark color in the mid, the not too sweet taste & the mild flavor of spices – all of these collectively buds the magic.

Rate it 4.75/5

The gulab jamuns were only ₹10 per piece. Wah….

The kachori & aloo Ki Subzi was very good but We have had better. Rate it 4/5

Kachori & aloo ki Subzi

The khasta kachori was not like the Bengali shop khasta kochuri – it was more like the North Indian khasta kachori. Very good. Rate it 4/5

Khasta kachori – it seems tomato sauce has got added lately

Overall rating of food at pandit ji averages out to 4.25/5

Am sure to get back here on our next trip

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