Idris ki Biryani (Patanala near kotwali Chowk Bazaar lucknow)

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In a nutshell:

A ‘must not miss’ Dum Biryani experience in Lucknow

the wow ‘Idris ki Biryani’

Cuisine type: Nonvegetarian

Meal for 2: Rs. 100 onwards

The school besides which the biryani shop is located

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

My 5th visit to my in-laws’s place in Lucknow was very different than all the previous ones. Unlike in the past, I decided to go &savour the culinary surprises of Lucknow & I stumbled upon an unexpected partner – my father in law. His eyes lit as soon as I shared my plans & he offered to accompany me to a list of eateries I was carrying with me.

extra colored sheermal @ Idris ki Biryani

What surprised me wholly about eateries in lucknow was the fact that most of the places didn’t have even a rudimentary sign board. I mean one would expect those ‘lucknow ke mashhoor’ kind of stuff written but even that is not common here. But, yeah, everybody seems to know about these eateries, everybody loves them and so they authenticate/vouch for these as well.

mutton being cooked

We then headed to the chowk around 6.30 in the evening where our local kadardaan Mr Sayeed Khan was waiting for our company. He was a gentle soul with a ‘laheza’ tone so eminent in Lucknow . This man was Around 60’s & was one of my Father in law’s friend – he had a superb knowledge of the place and food since he has resided here for many many years.

The shop / shack of Idris ki Biryani is around 30-40 years old & can be termed as the latest hot-shot in the area of Top culinary excellence it Lucknow. The claim to fame is coverage in several electronic & print media.

The area at the entrance of the shop looked like an old shack with coal tandoor on one side and huge patilas with curry lying all around on the floor. It actually reminded me of makeshift kitchens that u see in Marriages.

near the entrance of Idris ki Biryani

The kebabs were being made literally on a huge griddle on an oven on the road –to be precise, on a coal pit dug out into the floor.

the kababs being made

The eating area had around 4-5 tables which were jam-packed with people sitting on‘tea stall’ style benches. I noticed the floor below the eating area – it was jet black & even after looking at it for some time, I could not understand whether it was kutcha or pukka.

the eating area – where u share a table with people whom u have perhaps never met.

Everybody including my companions were eating biryani with their hands. I raised my hand & habitually asked for a spoon. Soon I realized that to enjoy the mutton biryani in to the core, one has to better leave the spoon and dive in with one’s hand.

Needless to say that the Biryani was made in the Traditional Lucknowi Dum system – slow cooking over a long period of time.

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Lucknow Restaurant (Kingdom of Dreams , Gurgaon)

In a nutshell:

Pretty good Awadhi food in a nice ambience with live Qawwali Music.

the dining hall

Address & other details: Kingdom of Dreams

Meal for 2: Rs. 800 onwards

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

Apologize in the beginning for not having YUMM food snaps as u see in all posts on There was a ‘no photography’ policy at this restaurant. I was told by another foodie friend that this policy cud b exempted for us if I wud have said I was a food blogger. But that is precisely what I hate doing. If I tell I am a food blogger, I might get a lot of extra attention which an average diner wud not get. As mentioned in ‘about’, I believe in dining like any normal diner & passing on the feedback to u in my posts so that it is as unbiased as possible.

This Restaurant is inside Culture Gully, the food court cum shopping area of the Kingdom of Dreams. One has to buy tickets for Rs. 750 (pls check exact amount as it keeps changing) per person & can spend the same on anything from food to decoratives. If u are not able to spend the full Rs. 750, a part of the balance is returned.

The Restaurant is very beautifully done – traditional Green & white decor with outstanding intricate designs in everything from the walls to the pillars to the furniture, right up to the cutlery. The look & feel is like a Nawabi Court of the Olden days.

The center of the pillared hall is devoted to the Qawwals who sing throughout the evening. They are ‘theth’ as in as ‘rustic’ as one can get – not the polished Bollywood inspired Qawwals that we come across these days. If u dislike Qawwalis or Sufi music, u might be irritated but for a Qawwali fan like me, it was an excellent experience.

The waiters are Old School – They are knowledgeable, smile less, are not smooth talkers & the types u come across old restaurants that have been around for say 50 years.

The food has been good & we had always liked the Awadhi Dum Biryani on all occasions sans the last. Kababs are good as well.

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Shiraz (Al Abbas Building, Bank Street, Bur Dubai)

This post has been written by Guest Blogger IshitaUnblogged & was originally published here. All photos in this post courtesy ishitaphotoideas.

the facade

The Shiraz Nostalgia

Amongst all the golden memories of my college days in Kolkata, the one thing that consistently churns up is Shiraz Golden Restaurant in Circus Avenue, Park Circus. All our random parties or any special party for that matter (for example Holi, Diwali or even Durga Puja!) was necessarily powered by Mutton Biriyani, Chicken Chaap and Firni (an Indian Dessert made with milk and powdered Basmati rice with Saffron) from Shiraz. Each one of us would be handed over one packet of Mutton Biriyani each and one piece from the Chicken Chaap to start with… and would end with forever licking the spoons that scooped out the mildly aromatic Firni (a dessert) set in an earthen small pot! The same menu was repeated at every occasion when friends would meet and Mums would refuse to host a mini impromptu parties.

Even today when we go to Kolkata, the same menu from the same Shiraz is waiting either for us at some of our friends’ houses or at our Kolkata home for others who visit us!

Most of the Bengalis that I have met, associate Biriyani, specially the Mughlai cooking with the Lucknowy or the Awadhi style of cooking. Hence, as much as we love the various kinds of Biriyani – the Hyderabadi, the Sindhi, the Pakistani Biriyanis, our taste-buds still search for Shiraz’s Biriyani. Though there is no dearth of Indian restaurants in Dubai, there was definitely a dearth of Indian restaurants which could satiate the Mughlai food nostalgia for those who grew up in Kolkata.

Well, till Shiraz Golden Restaurant came to the shores of Dubai, all the way from Kolkata. Till then some dishes occurred only in my dreams. For example – the Kolkata Kathi Rolls! Or the Mughlai Parathas!

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Puran Pahalwan Sweet Shop (Abdullahganj , onway from Bhopal to Bhimbetka)

Description: Abdullahgunj is the commonly used name of this place. On Road signs however it reads Obedullahgunj. It is a small hamlet on the highway that connects Bhopal City & the famous Bhimbetka Caves where u can see Cave paintings upto 12000 years back. The signboard on top of the shop shows a picture of a pahalwan (wrestler) & it says – ‘ekbaar khayenge to … Continue reading Puran Pahalwan Sweet Shop (Abdullahganj , onway from Bhopal to Bhimbetka)

Tunday kababi (B 002, Qutab Plaza Market, DLF Plaza Tower, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon)

In a nutshell:

One of the best Galawati Kabab makers of Lucknow is now in Gurgaon…… & they also serve some very good Mughlai dishes that r not served in the original old Lucknow shop.

If u love ur tastebuds more than ur waistline, rush to this place this winter:)

A view from the mainroad - facade of the shop & a crowd of people eating in front of it

Address & other details: Tunday Kababi

The ever famous Tunday Kabab Paranthe

Meal for 2: Rs. 200 onwards

Cuisine type: Nonvegetarian

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

The name Tunday has an unfortunate story – The person who started this shop 125 years ago fell from a height & lost his hand. A person without a hand used to be called ‘tunda’ in local dialect. So when he started selling kababs they started bein g called Tunday kababs. Who knew that this unfortunate incident wud lead to a name which wud become a brand a century later. 

The Shop has an open kitchen. As u enter the shop & cross the kitchen, there r a few seats. But for the rest of the guests there is the open night sky as a roof. The boundary wall of the common market walkway acts as a table, food is served on them & guests enjoy the food standing on the walkway & eating from the plates kept on the boundary wall !!!!

Strongly recommend that u eat the food there & not get it delivered or packed. There is a huge difference in the taste – due to the nature of teh food.

Pls do not expect trained waiters. If u treat them well as normal human beings, they will respond exceedingly well. If u r a regular & tip them, u will b treated like a guest to their house. If u r in a bad mood or just a non cheerful mood & that is reflected in ur communication, or even if he hasjust been maltreated by another customer, don’t b surprised to get a cold reaction from these guys.

We enjoyed some very good mutton korma, excellent murg kali mirch , delicious Lucknowi Dum Biryani & their signature Galawati Kababs with warqi paratha. Tried the mutton sheekh but that was a dampener.

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Tunday Kebabi, (B-002, Qutab Plaza Market, DLF Plaza Tower, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon )

Contributed by Guest Blogger: Neha Manchanda YUMMRAJ is yet to visit the new Gurgaon store. YUMMRAJ however has very fond memories of Tunday kababs in Lucknow – Tunday is the name of teh shop & the kind of kabab served here is called Galawali – melt in the mouth, slow cooked on a copper tawa on a wood fired oven………….served with freshly made laccha parathas……..mouthwatering … Continue reading Tunday Kebabi, (B-002, Qutab Plaza Market, DLF Plaza Tower, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon )

Review of Awadh Food Festival at Kainoosh, New Delhi, Promenade mall, Vasant Kunj

In a nutshell:

Awadhi festival – A memorable evening spent in a strikingly beautiful & romantic Restaurant having one of the best sophisticated versions of Awadhi food I have ever had. While describing this dinner, the expression ‘melt in the mouth’ will become so common that I will actually be comparing them with other foods like cheesecake, cream & ripe juicy mangoes!!!!

Restaurant homepage – See Menu, Contact details & pics gallery : Kainoosh

View of another wall

Short Description: If u r reading this in a hurry:

Outstanding attention to detail of serving staff, The Manager comes & discusses the menu with you & exchanges notes on the food – They reminded me of old world personalized Hospitality that is hardly seen any more.

The Mutton Seekh Kebab was so soft that the well trained serving staff could not land even one out of the six pieces in full shape & size – Sophisticated, masaledar, flavorful & deliciously drooling good. Mutton Biryani was actually & proverbially ‘melt in the mouth’. Last came Nihari – a spicy slow cooked mutton preparation where the meat tenderizes beyond expectations – the gravy was so good that we finished all of about 250 ml of it!!!! For desserts came the Shahi Tukra – terrific.

lattice work look-alike detail near the entrance

A must try – You just have to work out more next week to burn the extra calories off.

Detailed Description – If u have the time to enjoy reading the details:

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