Rezala – Nawabi meat curry made at home

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Super easy to make & Super good to eat……………

What’s interesting about this absurdly easy cooking is it does not need much of a skill & anyone who has just learnt the basics of cooking can also make this delightfully YUMM dish & surprise all. I learnt it from my aunt whose tasty rezala is talked about among relatives & her friends.

Mutton rezala – made at home

The recipe I am suggesting below is a home adaptation that tastes great. The original version used to b made on coal fire & used spices like mace , add ons like kewra water etc. Posto (poppy seeds) is also used by many. My version is much easier & can b done using daily used spices.

Unlike most other Indian meat curries, this one does not look fiery. In fact it looks pretty bland & one is delighted as soon as the curry lands on the tastebuds. This dish was supposedly invented at the kitchen of Nawab Wajid Ali who was deported by the Britishers from Lucknow to Bengal.

Grind 5 large onions & 2 inch piece ginger. Squeeze out the juice from the paste by pouring the paste over a fine sieve / muslin cloth. Throw the pulp after juice is fully extracted.

Marinate 1 kilo of mutton chops (seena chaap) in the juice mentioned above. Add 100 grams of plain yoghurt (dahi) to the marinade as well. Refrigerate overnight. U can also use other mutton cuts / chicken in place of mutton seena chaap.

Marinated lamb chops

Heat 2 tablespoons of ghee (clarified butter) in a kadhai (Dutch oven). Add 8 – 10 peppercorns , 4 green cardamoms, 1 black cardamom. 1 tej patta (bay leaf) & 2 whole dry red chillies. As the spices start crackling, add 1 finely chopped small onion. Fry till golden brown.

Add the marinated mutton chops along with the juice. Put it on high fire.

As the mutton starts cooking………

Once the mixture comes to a boil, start simmering it on low fire till the meat is done. Midway to the simmering, add salt to taste. Keep checking the meats once in a while. In case u need to add water, pls use boiling hot water.

fully done mutton

Add a paste of 15 – 20 cashew nuts to the meat curry.

cashew paste added to the cooked mutton

Mix well & check seasoning. U r ready with ur Rezala………………Enjoy the YUMM taste & soak in all those praises that come along……………………..& b delighted to see how ur guests r finishing off the awesome gravy drop by drop.

Enjoy ur rezala

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