Puran Pahalwan Sweet Shop (Abdullahganj , onway from Bhopal to Bhimbetka)


Abdullahgunj is the commonly used name of this place. On Road signs however it reads Obedullahgunj. It is a small hamlet on the highway that connects Bhopal City & the famous Bhimbetka Caves where u can see Cave paintings upto 12000 years back.

The signboard on top of the shop shows a picture of a pahalwan (wrestler) & it says – ‘ekbaar khayenge to baar baar aayenge’ which means ‘If u eat here once, then u will keep coming again & again’.

the facade of the shop with the pahalwan's picture

Post eating here I concluded that I wud surely come back again – whenever I am travelling anywhere around this place.
The shop sells few varieties of sweets & few varieties of namkeens. The famous ones are Gulabjamun among sweets & Samosa among the namkeens.

The Gulabjamun that I had here made me nostalgic – It took me back memory lane to about ten years back when people used to make good gulab jamuns & serve them soon after. Unfortunately almost no one makes & serves Gulabjamuns like that any more post microwaves got invented. Refrigeration, ageing & heating on microwave seems to be the new norm & over a decade people seems to have shifted away from the age old traditional way of eating Gulab Jamuns.

Fresh Gulabjamuns made & served hot in front of u

In this shop the Gulabjamuns were been made in front of the shop & served right away – almost as u have in jalebi shops. The Gulab Jamuns were slightly salty, appropriately sweet but not over sweetened. There was no kesar or pistachio in the center. The outer layer of the Gulab Jamun was almost crispy & thick.

The mouthwatering gulab jamuns

Also tried the Samosa. It was ferociously spicy & wildly tasty. There was turmeric in the filling unlike in most samosas in North India. It had a crispy flaky thick outer. Loved the samosa overall.

Will surely get back to this shop if within a radius of 20 – 25 km.

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