Afghan Durbar (Saket, Delhi)

In a nutshell:

Very ‘different but similar’ tasting Afghani food served by Afghan Nationals living in Delhi who cannot speak anything other than Afghani.

The facade & shop board

Address & other details : 36F Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar – At the Traffic crossing of Press Enclave Marg & the road that runs besides DLF Place Mall, Saket.

Meal for 2: Rs. 300 onwards

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

Read about this place from a post by our friend  Chowder Singh. So went to try out.

Very nice ambience. Almost six to eight guests were seated on tables & chairs. One guest was sitting & eating on a special makhmal gaddi seat with folded legs .

picture on the menu card cover

Two Afghan guys were the hosts – We found them quite shy as they were talking in their language & not making eye contact with us even after noticing us walk into the restaurant . As we took a seat, we watched the two Afghans talk & it seemed from gesture that one was asking the other to hurry up. We slowly started getting bewildered, as to whether anyone will come at all…………& Then came an Indian Chhotu who knew Hindi. Came to know that these Afghans cannot speak Indian languages but they r running their business from here. Chhotu used to work at their house years back & that is how they picked up Afghani language. So chhotu has a better occupation nowadays.

Afghani momo kind of food – called mantu

Had some unique Afghani momos called Mantu, very good Kabuli Uzbeki mutton pulao, good but not great Boran baingan & Saalan baamia okra and some traditional Afghani bread – taftan.

Detailed Description – in case u have the time to enjoy reading:

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