Luchi & Chholar daal (Bengali style Chana Daal with Maida Poori)

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Luchi & Chholar Daal is a typical Bengali traditional breakfast.

Luchi & Chholar Daal

Soak a cup of Chana daal (Chholar daal) for one hour. Add salt & turmeric & boil it in an open vessel till just done. Do not overcook it / do not pressure cook.

Boiled Chholar (Chana) Daal

Heat 2 tablespoon of Cow milk Ghee (clarified butter made from cow milk) & lightly fry  chopped coconuts, cashewnuts & raisins as shown in the picture.

sliced coconuts, cashew & raisins fried in ghee

Drain & keep aside.

Mix together ginger paste (1 teaspoon), Haldi / Turmeric powder (1/2 teaspoon), Jeera / Cumin powder (1 teaspoon) & Red chilli powder to taste (I use 1/2 tea spoon). Add 2 teaspoon water to dilute the paste a bit & mix well.

the fried spices post addition of water

In the remaining Ghee (after frying the coconut, cashew etc), add ½ teaspoon whole jeera (cumin seed). Add the above-mentioned paste once the cumin seeds start crackling. Fry the mixture continuously till the ghee separates.

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