L’ Opera (Galleria Market, besides Citibank ATM, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon, Khan Market Delhi, 2nd Floor, DLF Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj, Delhi, Ravissant, New Friends Colony)

In a nutshell:A cool new French Patisserie & Boulangerie (Bakery) in Gurgaon – At last there is a Bakery where u eat & think ‘this is exactly what I have eaten in Europe / US’, in terms of the flavor, feel, taste, texture & everything else associated with a yummilicious experience.

The signboard on the facade

Address & other details: L’ Opera

Every large ‘Party Cake’ also has a smaller version

Meal for 2: Rs. 400 onwards

Colorful macarons on front window

Cuisine Type : Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

The Quiche section

Short Description- In case u r in a hurry:

This little French Bakery Chain has 6 branches in Delhi as of now. They have a french Chef who has surely brought around a point of difference in the Bakery options in Delhi NCR. We have always been to the khan Market one & were pleasantly surprised to see a new store open up in Gurgaon.One of those six shops is inside the French Consulate in Delhi as well & another is inside DLF Golf & Country Club, Gurgaon.

Croissant Section

The stores in Khan Market & Galleria have similar layout – A beautiful ’glass & wood’ shop window in which large decorated cakes share the space with super colorful macarons & a tiny ‘Eiffel Tower’. The large cakes have smaller versions inside the shop as well.

Store window

As u enter the shop, u get a huge Glass display Counter for all items. There r different sections for cakes, tarts, croissants, sandwiches & other baked items. A section of the wall has huge display of different kinds of breads & sandwiches.

Breads section in L’Opera

The Seating area is little & in the back-end of the shop. It has high stool seating around tables & I am sure u wud struggle for space in peak hours. The interiors overall are very tastefully done & have a nice Classic bakery feel.

The interiors of L’Opera

Super Loved our breakfast here & all those things that we got packed post the breakfast.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to njoy reading:

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British Airways inflight food

Route: Delhi to London Heathrow & further to the USA & return


I have always been a fan of Breakfast at BritishAirways. In the numerous times I have travelled, I have always looked forward to it. The lunches & Dinners that I have had were mostly good & some memorable. But the breakfast has always scored over the other meals in my mind.

Here comes the latest experience:

breakfast bowl with omelet, kabab, grilled tomatoes & hash brown

The Breakfast consisted of a ‘no frills’ omelet with less salt ( that is always the case in any non Indian setting) & hint of green bell pepper & tiny specs of onion. The Omelet was well done but soft, not brittle & had a simple yet good taste & feel to it.

This was served along with a full Grilled tomato that of course did not have salt added to it.

The Rounded patty of potato was very good – crispy on the outside, soft & lumpy inside. The potato was never fully mashed & hence it was lumpy. Very good.

The meaty kabab was the star of the show. It was not juicy unlike all other good kababs, but dry. It had a Shammi Kabab kind of texture, subtle flavors & taste.

Needless to say that this was accompanied with fresh fruit juice.

A Danish Pastry was served as dessert. It was crispy on the outer, glazed with honey on the top, it seemed to be having millions of layers within & a rich chocolate filling in the center. Liked it a lot.

danish pastry

Hours later it was meal time again. I did something that I never do. I did not request for a Continental cuisine but settled for Butter Chicken – figured out that this is served in Flights ex London Heathrow Airport – It was simply Awesome. One of the best Butter Chickens I have had in maybe the last 2 yrs. Cooked at London Kitchen!!!

butter chicken

I was stunned, shocked (pleasantly) how they cud make it so good. Better than most of the orangish tomatoee Butter Chicken varieties available in Delhi. Perfectly tandoored boneless chicken pieces, perfectly tempered gravy, spicy & a bit hot as well. As good as it cud get. The long grain basmati rice pulao that was served had slices of red chillies on it that were flavorful as well as hot!!! Independent strands of rice but melt in the mouth, flavorful & very tasty.

Totally unexpected & completely out of the blue & realy good. YUMMRAJ was super impressed

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