Kabul Delhi Restaurant (E104, Ground Floor, Lajpatnagar 2, Near Central Market, New Delhi)

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If u r a nonvegetarian  living in Delhi & haven’t yet been to this place, u have surely missed something.

Kabul Delhi Restaurant

Address & Other details: Kabul Delhi Restaurant

Address & phone numbers

Meal for 2: Rs. 400 onwards

Kabuli Uzbegi – Outstanding Mutton pulao with raisins & carrot

Cuisine Type : Predominantly nonvegetarian but also have vegetarian options.

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

I had read somewhere about food from Afghanisthan – ‘Where the people are tough but the meats are tender’. Never knew I wud get such a hands on experience of Afghan food sitting in Dilli!!!

We started off from home with friends to eat at an Iranian Roadside joint in Lajpatnagar, Delhi. On reaching the place we found out that the shop had closed down 2 months back!!!! Bewildered, we were discussing an alternate place to have a rustic dinner & it was then that a Good Samaritan suggested – Why don’t u try out the Afghani Shops in the road besides the Bata shop?

Cover of the menu card

‘Afghani’food is something that rang a bell – We had earlier quite liked the food at Afghan Durbar, Saket. So we started off towards the new destination. On entering the said road we first came across Afghan Durbar (I guess it is the same Chain – same look). A few steps away was Kabul Delhi Superstore – A full Kabuli Grocery store. Just above it was Kabul Delhi Restaurant & we decided to walk in.

Afghani Grocery store run by the same people

All guests other than us were Afghani – We felt like we were in Kabul!!!!! There were restaurant seating as well as the ‘bed’ kind of sitting. The basement floor also had the ‘bed’ kind of seating.

Afghani decorative pieces on the wall

A huge poster of Camel fight formed the backdrop of the ground floor of the restaurant. Photographs of Kabul, Kabuli decorative pieces & inscriptions on metal adorned the other walls.

The Dining hall with picture of Afghan Camel fight in the backdrop

The guy who came to serve us food, was shy, always had a smiling face & quite smart. We asked for kababs – He said ‘that will take 40 minutes. Do u have time?’ We said – ‘Pls serve us the rest of the dishes & while we eat, the kababs will be ready’. He agreed readily.

Mutton Qorma Afhani style

Food was mindblowing good. The kababs were bursting out with taste & flavour. The pulao was way better than the one at Afghan Durbar & the meat in the pulao was softer than the softest mutton I have ever had in my whole life!!!! The mutton Korma was outstanding again. For Afghani dessert however we had to go to another joint 10 minutes walk away.

Colorful menu card with prices

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to njoy reading:

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