Review of Awadh Food Festival at Kainoosh, New Delhi, Promenade mall, Vasant Kunj

In a nutshell:

Awadhi festival – A memorable evening spent in a strikingly beautiful & romantic Restaurant having one of the best sophisticated versions of Awadhi food I have ever had. While describing this dinner, the expression ‘melt in the mouth’ will become so common that I will actually be comparing them with other foods like cheesecake, cream & ripe juicy mangoes!!!!

Restaurant homepage – See Menu, Contact details & pics gallery : Kainoosh

View of another wall

Short Description: If u r reading this in a hurry:

Outstanding attention to detail of serving staff, The Manager comes & discusses the menu with you & exchanges notes on the food – They reminded me of old world personalized Hospitality that is hardly seen any more.

The Mutton Seekh Kebab was so soft that the well trained serving staff could not land even one out of the six pieces in full shape & size – Sophisticated, masaledar, flavorful & deliciously drooling good. Mutton Biryani was actually & proverbially ‘melt in the mouth’. Last came Nihari – a spicy slow cooked mutton preparation where the meat tenderizes beyond expectations – the gravy was so good that we finished all of about 250 ml of it!!!! For desserts came the Shahi Tukra – terrific.

lattice work look-alike detail near the entrance

A must try – You just have to work out more next week to burn the extra calories off.

Detailed Description – If u have the time to enjoy reading the details:

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