Chinese Seafood Noodle soup

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Super easy to make & Super good to eat……………

On his fifteenth visit to Hongkong, YUMMRAJ suddenly came across noodle soup by sheer chance – serendipity. He liked it the first time & eventually liked it so much that he had five different versions of the same in four days of his stay. What struck me was the fact that supposedly this takes less than a minute to cook!!!!!

Healthy n tasty Chinese style noodle soup

I got only the stories sitting back in India.

So it was my turn to try out something of that kind so that at least I have an idea of how it tastes. Thus began my playing around with ingredients & hence this post.

Well, post that tiny story of mine, lets get to the cookology.

In Hongkong, almost any kind of seafood or meat slice is put into the soup. Sitting in land-locked Gurgaon, I did not have access to a variety of fresh seafood – so had to do with just prawns & fish. I chose betki. U may choose river sole or red snapper as well.

the seafood for noodle soup

U can also add thin strips of lamb/ chicken / tenderloin.

Marinate the prawns & fish chunks (as shown in the picture) in rice wine vinegar & soya sauce. Use white vinegar in case u cannot get rice wine vinegar.

marinated seafood for the noodle soup

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