Huxley’s Bar & Kitchen (Terminal 5, London Heathrow Airport)

An Indian foodie’s experience of British food in London vs same dishes available in India.

In a nutshell: Enjoyed the good food here & some of the excellent ones – look forward to revisiting on my next trip

Address & other details: Huxley

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

the facade

Meal for 2: US$ 60 onwards

Short Description – In case u r in a Hurry:

This is one place where grabbing a table always seems to be time consuming – u can mostly see a queue outside the Restaurant. This time we got a chance to get in & try the food without having to wait in a long queue. We chose the basics & not fancy dishes to see how they taste in London vs. say in Delhi India.

Add ons on the table at Huxley’s

The ambience is good inspite of being a bit dark in some corners. There is a bar on one side & one can choose to sit at the bar as well.

Mixed Meat Grill at Huxley’s

The menu card is self explanatory – so one does not need to ask too many questions to the person waiting on. We were lucky to get a very warm & helpful waitress.

Food was good overall & some of it was excellent.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading:

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Gung the palace (bikanerwala parking, Gurgaon & also at Hauz Khas Delhi)

Contributed By carnivorous  YUMMRAJ for nonvegetarian &  herbivorous Guest Blogger  Krishna Dorai  for Vegetarian

In a nutshell:

Ur tastebuds will thank u for taking them to this place …… only if u have started to appreciate the tastes & flavors of the Far East.

Gung the Palace

Address & contact details – Google map – Gung the palace

the accompaniments that come ‘on the house’ with anything that u order at Gung

Cuisine Type : Non vegetarian & Vegetarian.

nice decoration at the entrance

Dinner for 2 : Rs. 1500 (without beverages)

Short Description:

At the face of it the dishes sound expensive – Rs. 600 to 1000 but when they r served, u realize there are around 6-8 different, exciting, cool & tasty accompaniments. The tastes, flavors & the whole experience in this place is memorable. We went for the mixed meat grill & to our pleasant surprise, a live grill trolley was brought to our table & we were served the food straight from the grill ……….. awesome.

Detailed Description – In case u have time to read & enjoy:

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