Streetfood Gurgaon – Undaz (Branded cart selling food made from ‘anda’ / egg)

In a nutshell:
Neat & clean,freshly made tasty food that is good for a small meal.

Undaz – food cart at udyog vihar, gurgaon

Address: Undaz – Hand carts in Udyog Vihar Gurgaon (behind India Bulls Office that u can see from NH8) from 5pm to 9 pm in the evening & other locations (see link)

Meal for 2: Rs. 50 onwards

All food is freshly made & served

Cuisine Type: Nonvegetarian (if u consider eggs to be that) & Vegetarian

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

The first day I saw this cart, I was driving past. I was impressed by the look & feel, the concept & of course the name ‘Undaz’ – plural of the hindi word ‘unda’ that means egg.

The brightly colored tiny cart is almost the size of an ice cream cart with the difference that it has a rounded shape in the front as compared to the ‘boxy’ ice cream carts. There are two stoves on the cart on which every food u order is freshly made (of course not from scratch).

stoves in the egg cart

I was told that currently there are only 8 carts that have fixed spots in different places in Udyog Vihar & one is in JMD Tower. I was also told that this is just the beginning & there will b 100 carts in Gurgaon shortly………… Looking forward to……

The items on the tiny menu are omelette bread, egg roll, aloo roll & paneer roll. I am yet to understand the connection between paneer & egg though.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to njoy reading:

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Special French Omelet (Shyam Palace, Sec 4 & 5 Chowk, Dhanwapur Road, Old Gurgaon)

In a nutshell:

A roadside ‘French’ Dhaba which has no French Connection but serves lipsmacking good egg dishes.

French Omelet

Meal for 2 : Rs. 80 onwards

Website: French Omelet

Google map: French

The shop facade

How to get there: Take a right from Rajeev Chowk on NH8 (if facing Jaipur), Keep going straight. At one point the road narrows & u pass thru a congested market. After u cross it, u find Shiva’s idol in the road divider. Keep going straight till u reach a small roundabout (gol chakkar). Cross this & keep going forward till u come to a crossing with Atul Kataria Marg. The store is right in the corner of this crossing. Just ask someone at this point.

Cuisine Type: Egg dishes

We were curious to visit the place when my friend told me that there is a shop called French Omelet in Old Gurgaon. It sounded as crazy as a Dhodha shop in Paris!!!!!

Since the original recipe was continental & since it has been Indianlized, it is dual classified under Indian & Continental.

Seeing that my friend was very upbeat about the food here,we along with some foodie friends visited the shop. The shop looked like any other roadside shop that sells food in India. We asked why it was called French Omelet & what was the French Connection. The answer we got was quite cloudy & I guess it meant that the term ‘French’ sounded good – So it was chosen as a name.

We first ordered for Omelet with half fried toast. Some people call this French Toast in India. It is conceptually an omelette & bread stuck to it & is salty (not sweet like the original French Toast).

On top of the omelet-bread, they sprinkled a dark powdered masala, onions, few drops of lemon & minced coriander leaves. The masala as it is tasted like churan but it gave an unbelievably good twist to the taste of the Omelet-bread. All this was then served with a green chutney which apart from the usual dhania (coriander) & pudina (mint), also had nuts in it !!!! The chutney was marvellous & before I ate this combination, I had no idea how good bread, egg & chutney can taste when they land on ur tastebuds.

omelet bread

They used a quarter of an 100g Amul Butter pack per dish for frying. That surely contributed to the taste.

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