Kaustubh : South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant (behind Select City Walk, Saket)

In a nutshell:

Its like you walk into a party & get attracted to someone…… till he/she opens his/her mouth

Address & other details: Kaustubh

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian

Meal for 2 – Rs. 400 for snacks & Rs. 800 for lunch

Short description – in case u r in a hurry:

Nice ambience & interiors, very well trained & courteous serving staff, beautiful menu card with lots of attractive pics & info on south Indian cuisine etc. What is good ends here. Food is mostly average tending towards bad. It’s a pity that someone has put in a lot of money & effort – but alas! Trying to vend an average product!!!!!

We asked for Medu Vada & Adai. Medu Vada had almost perfect texture but flat taste, aroma & feel. Adai had no character to itself & was short on even basics like salt!!!!! Watermelon juice was the only saving grace ’coz it was natural. Overall very disappointing – Will never visit again.

Detailed description – If u have time to read more:

We walked into this place last weekend to gobble up some snacks. South Indian came up as an option as we were missing Medu Vadas for some time. The staff were wearing South Indian attire & appeared to be a part of a very well thought theme. So while everything was perfect as I described above, the food was far from satisfactory.

Medu Vada was crisp on the outside & soft inside – almost perfect texture but flat taste & almost missing aroma. Most importantly the fermented feel that is characteristic of a good Medu Vada was totally missing. The white coconut chutney was flat & lacked character as well…… Maybe it was bit too dilute to taste good. Sambhar was ok. The green & orange chutneys were horrible.

Adai was a dish that totally switched us off. We love the Adai at Saravana Bhawan & remember having this in numerous non descript shops in Chennai – all very good. For the uninitiated, adai is something like an Utthapam made with a mix of several lentils…… This one was not even salted properly, had a ok texture & no taste at all!!! I could not believe we were paying for that meal!!!!!

While I did not expect the food to be as good as Murugan Idly of Chennai or Saravana Bhawan Delhi / Chennai, it should have met the basics of taste……………… grossly disappointing.

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