West View Grill, ITC Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi

In a nutshell:

Interactive, live grill, mouthwatering array of options – utopia for meat & seafood lovers

Address & other details: West View Grill

Short description – In case u r in a hurry:

If u book a seat in advance, u can get to sit besides the glass wall & see half of Delhi from atop. Great ambience, interiors – overall an excellent place for a romantic dinner (provided ur partner is not a vegetarian).

The concept of dinner is unique – This is the first such experience that I had in India. You get to choose what u want to have & the Chef will grill it to ur taste after a short chat with u.

Detailed description – If u have some time to read & enjoy:

The dinner starts with soup options that the server would take an order for. Fresh hot Breads r served along with the soups.

A large table at the middle of the restaurant has a very large variety of starters. What I am about to advice is Very difficult to practice – but ……. try not to eat much of these super cool starters & salads….. as more attractive ones follow – Afterall our stomach muscles r not infinitely elastic.

As you walk into the third section – the maincourse, you see a huge open refrigerated space with different kinds of raw meats – different marinations, different cuts & so on……A section for seafood too.

As u select the marinated options, they are sent to the grill master. For the non marinated meats, u get to have a chat with the chef & decide on the accompaniments, sides, & spices & of course way of cooking (medium, rare etc).

This can keep on happenin as many times & for as much time that ur stomach muscles start sending strong messages to the brain for ‘overloading’. However restrained one is, it is almost impossible to not reach that stage.

My knowledge of English is not that bad but I seriously lack adjectives to describe how good the food is & how memorable it can be.

Desserts r superb too.

A great place for a romantic dinner & also for a family get together or with friends or alone……actually good for all moods, all occassions & always ……. a must try

One of those places where the tastebuds want more & the stomach muscles surrender & give up citing lack of space:)

Dinner  for 2 : Rs. 5000

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