Asia 7 – Food court Ambience Mall Gurgaon

In a nutshell:

Good range of Asian cuisine (sans Indian) with some cool showstoppers.

Address & Google map : Asia 7

Cuisine Type: Nonvegetarian & Vegetarian

Meal for 2: Rs. 1000 onwards

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

Pretty popular eatery with friendly & quite efficient staff, a good kitchen & some very interesting food. They have a buffet spread that is quite elaborate & many options on alacarte.

We went for Tiger Prawn Shuijiao – one of the most unique dimsums I have ever had. U wud like it if u have started appreciating Japanese or Korean cuisine – might not like it if u prefer just Chindian (Indian made Chinese food). Burmese dish Khao Suey was very good as well but u can get a tangier version of this sitting at home from The Burmese Kitchen at half the price. For dessert we loved the crispy Chinese date roll with ice cream – Few Chinese desserts are as good.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading:

Day 1:

As we entered the restaurant, we were welcomed by the lady in a Red Oriental Dress. She showed us a place to sit & suggested that we go for a buffet. When we conveyed that we want to have a la carte, she warned us of a possible twenty minutes serving time since the kitchen was busy with the buffet – Honesty appreciated, we still insisted for not going in for buffet & got the ala carte menu card.

When we ordered the Tiger Prawn Shuijao for starters, we were again pleasantly surprised by the honesty of the Lady – ‘You may like it very much or u may totally dislike it’. We decided to dive in & try our luck – what we got was Simmered diced Tiger prawns made into dimsums & then stirred with Shaoxing Wine, pickled Green Chilli & garnished with crispy fried thin strips of garlic. We were thanking ourselves that we took the risk – It was mind-blowing (She was right though – its an acquired taste, Lovers of India invented spicy tangy ‘Chicken Manchurian’ might not like this dish). This was unique, tasty, adventurous, tangled, full of twists & so on………one of the best dimsums I had ever had.

While we waited, we were enjoying some excellent peppy Live Music – Honestly I understood that it was live Music after seeing the Singer (when people clapped after a song) – Could not make out before that – He was that good !!!! Simply Superb Music.

The Khao Suey is an interesting medley of ingredients that r mixed & had. All the ingredients are served separately in small bowls. For the uninitiated, the base good of Khao Suey is a bowl of steamed noodles & on top of it is poured a thick aromatic coconut milk based gravy flavored with multiple spices & along with the meats/ veggies/ seafood. Just the noodle & gravy makes for a good meal but the garnishes are then put on top – crispy noodles, grated coriander leaves, thinly sliced onion plants, red chilli flakes, Crispy fried thin slices of garlic & the most interesting ingredient that gives a twist – roasted peanuts!!!! Very good food…..enjoyed it.

Caveat – Burmese Kitchen, a takeaway /home delivery joint in Gurgaon serves a tangier version of the same at less than half the price.

For desserts we ordered Crispy Chinese date roll – Crispy rolls with dates in the middle, laid on the plate, topped with a dollop of fairly good Vanilla flavored ice-cream, garnished with honey, sesame seeds & desiccated coconut…….. very nice indeed.

The A/C was not good & so we were sweating mildly even in early September. Service was excellent & of course the HONESTY was rare & very Highly appreciated. Food was very good & we wud surely visit again to try out something new.

Day 2:

Malaysian fish satay – first time we saw a non chicken satay on a menu card in Delhi & got exited about it. So we placed an order. The waiting staff smiled & told us – this is not good. We did not even ask for advice  here came the answer!!! My dining partner asked – then why did u put it up on the menu. Answer was ‘ the management did’ We said – pls get it. If we do not like it, we will not complain to u as we r ordering against ur suggestion.

 Our taste buddies gave the satay a standing ovation after the satay landed in the mouth. It was as good in taste as it looked like. Fish coins were skewered with herbs & sauces & served garnished with Thai basil. The fish was super soft, juicy & outstanding in taste. I am still stunned as to why the waiting staff was telling it is bad – Maybe that was feedback from some hardcore Chinjabi chicken fan. 

The wow prawn satay

The skewer was served with a peanut sauce that was very good on its own. The grains of the peanut cud be felt. The fish tasted great with the sauce as well.

 Next we asked for Korean dish Tenderloin Bulgogi. This was strips of tenderloin in a dark Mahogany brown sauce that had high doses of freshly ground uneven grains of black pepper. The tenderloin pieces were surprisingly soft & enjoyable. The overall taste was pretty strong. Along with this was served thinly sliced raw garlic & a paste with a consistency similar to pickle. We tried the Bulgogi with these accompaniments as well. I was surprised that I was enjoying with raw garlic as well. Very interesting & almost perfect. The Bulgogi served at Gung The Palace Gurgaon is just a very few shades better.

Bulgogi - Korean dish

Post this we also had a Thai green curry – prawns. It tasted good & as expected. Liked it a lot.

Thai green curry with prawns

Overall – Recommended. Check it out.

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  1. Would love to try out the place.. thanks for the information… loved the way you described it Mr. Yamraj 🙂

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