Hancock’s Steak & Seafood, Mariott Quincy,Boston MA, USA

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American Food in America – An Indian foodie’s perspective

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The restaurant from the car lobby of Marriott

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Ordered some American food in Roomservice at Marriott. The Steak was excellent,better than anything I have had in India, Grilled Atlantic Salmon was very nice but maybe it wud not appeal to all Indian Nonvegetarians, New England Clam Chowder was marvellous & the Warm Apple tart with Cinnamon ice cream was superb.

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Outside view of the restaurant

6oz USDA Choice Fillet mignon served with Blue cheese tater tots, asparagus, port reduction – Terrific , one of the best steaks I have had in last one year. Medium done, crusty from outside, soft & juicy from within in an excellent sauce. Plain sautéed asparagus was a good filler in the otherwise meaty dish. The cheese was good but not a must for the dish in my opinion.

Grilled Atlantic Salmon – Is was supposedly ‘Wood Fire roasted’ & served with vegetable skewers & mayonnaise. As in my experience at Wetherspoon Crown River Bar & Restaurant in London, the Salmon was very tasty but dry As compared to what is served in India. It was also a bit ‘fishy’ smelling. I wud say that ‘just turned Nonvegetarians & Chickenetarians’ wud not be able to appreciate this much.

The New England Clam Chowder is a kind of a thick soup with Clams & seafood in it. It is served with crackers & it was stupendous. Better than most thick seafood soups I have had in India.

The Marriott Burger had a big patty of meat with some strong intense taste. However, we have had better in previous trips. Not too many people serve good Hamburgers / Steak burgers in India. Apart from the 5 Stars, the one place where I get good steak burgers in Delhi is Hard Rock Cafe.

Warm Apple Tart with Cinnamon ice cream & caramel sauce was excellent for dessert. Though Cinnamon is grown in India, I have never have had such good /rather any cinnamon flavored ice cream in India. The Apple tart can be compared to some of the best Pastry shops in India.

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  1. ‘fishy’ smelling. I wud say that ‘just turned Nonvegetarians & Chickenetarians’ wud not be able to appreciate this much… ??????

    This means that the salmon was not fresh.. Stop being so condescending dude

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