Banana Leaf (Komala Vilas,Lake Market Kolkata)

In a nutshell:

Pretty Good South Indian Vegetarian food in Kolkata

Address & other details: Banana Leaf

Banana leaf restaurant at Komala Vilas

Meal for 2: Rs.150 onwards

CuisineType :Vegetarian

yumm idly at banana leaf

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

Cool’n hot piping idly & excellent, tasty & crispy (on the top) & soft (within) medu vada made a superb breakfast. A ‘strang’coffee topped this up………….will surely visit again.

Detailed Description- In case u have the time 2 enjoy reading:

Walked into this eatery in the morning-breakfast time. The place was almost full.

We ordered for the basics – Idly & medu vada.

The idly was very soft, piping hot, had a fermented feel & flavor & had small uneven chunks in it. The pores (pinholes) were minimal – wah wah…….. what a thing to start the morning with……….. However, Murugan Idly Shop of Chennai is much better in overall experience.

more idly

The freshly fried (not reheated) Medu Vada had a slightly thicker than usual outer cover which was very crunchy & extremely tasty partly due to the texture. At times it seemed to be better that the ones at Saravana Bhawan in Delhi (Best South Indian vegetarian restaurant in Delhi) – however it lacked the fermented feel of the ones at Saravana. This had more similarity of taste to the medu vada at Murugan Idly shop but the latter was better due to the use of full black pepper.

super good medu vadas at banana leaf

……………to recap – One of the best options of medu vada if u compare within Kolkata. Other cities have slightly better options.

The ‘straang kaafee’ that came post this was very good as well.

Enjoyed the breakfast. Will surely revisit to try out the other dishes – dosas, paniyarams, utthapams etc.



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