Peter Cat (Park Street, Kolkata)

Contributed by Guest Blogger Neha Manchanda.

YUMMRAJ has been to Peter Cat many times & loves the sizzlers & Chelo Kababs. In fact after eating the ‘close to original’ Chelo Kabab at a posh Iranian restaurant owned by an Iranian Lady in Boston, MA, USA, YUMMRAJ thought – Well this is out of the world but the one at Peter Cat (at 1/8 th the price) is on the same lines & very good too. So if the Boston one is 4.5/5, this one is surely 3.75/5.

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In a nut shell:

The best place to have Chelo kebabs and Sizzlers

Address: Park Street, Next to Music World, Opposite KFC Kolkata

table mat at Peter cat

Peter Cat was the first restaurant where I had my first meal on landing in Kolkata some 10 years back…and the love for it continues. Step into Peter Cat and you can smell the aromatic sizzlers and see tables lined with Prawn Mocktails, Chelo Kebabs and Sizzlers (not in that order though). I love Peter Cat for its Chelo Kebabs. At any given day, at any given time (lunch / dinner) there is a bee line of people outside the restaurant waiting patiently for their turn to dig into those soft chelo kebabs and sea food sizzlers.

wow chelo kababs

Coming to Chelo Kebabs – even if I explain the dish to a blind person, am sure he would drool at the explanation. So here it goes – Buttered Rice topped with 2 cubes of butter, Sunny Side Up egg sitting happilly on the butter rice with a seekh of chicken , capsicum and onion on one side and a crown of two seekh kebabs of either lamb / goat meat. Ahh! The taste of the buttered rice and chelo…brilliant.

Wikipedia talks about Chelow kabab – The national Dish of Iran – Chelo Kabab

Not to forget, Beer is still served in traditional silver Beer Mugs. I love everything about the place…its one of my favourite place.

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