Brittos (Baga Beach, Goa)


This is contributed by Guest Blogger Neha Manchanda

YUMMRAJ found this restaurant to be best among all the restaurants visited during a 7 day trip. The seafood platter is simply ‘out of the world’

Detailed Description:

Nothing beats a meal on a beach and what better place than Brittos. Situated in Goa, Baga Beach, Brittos promises to satiate your palate with the very best of meal and desserts. Try for instance the Fish Fingers – the perfect fried slices of fish with a plate full of French fries is fabulous. Or the very aromatic Beef Vindaloo and Goan bread. The tender chunks of beef cooked to perfection and served with traditional garlic Goan Bread just makes the experience fantabulous. Brittos has the “catch of the day” menu which ranges from squids, lobster, crabs, pomphret, red snapper and king fish. You can pick your favorite protein and ask the chef to spice it up to suit your taste. The prawn fry, Goan fish curry and the grilled pomphret are simply yumilicious!

Now for those with a sweet tooth. Brittos has a fabulous bakery. So when you are satisfied with a fabulous savory, it’s always a good idea to ask for the dessert menu. The freshly baked Blueberry Cheese cake, Tiramisu, Apple Pie and the Mango Cheese Cake can make you drool and crave for more. I have noticed that people who are eating those melt in mouth cheese cakes (myself included) have a satisfied smile on their faces and a halo over their head…though I can also see the devil standing close to their ears and whispering “forget the calories, you know you want one more of those cakes”. All in all…when in Goa enjoy the panoramic view of the beach from the comfortable chairs at Brittos and enjoy your meal. I am sure you would wish the day would never end, and for just one day God would make some extra space in your tummy so that you can tuck in a little more of that delicious cuisine.

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