Hard Rock Cafe, (DLF Place Mall, Saket, Delhi)

In a nutshell:

Pretty Good food with Very Good Drinks & Excellent Music.

massive guitar outside DLF place saket – night view

Address & other details: Hard Rock Cafe

Mammoth Guitar in daytime

Meal for 2: Rs. 750 onwards (without alcohol)

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

inside the ‘cafe’

Short Description – in case u r in a hurry:

If u reach this place before 9pm, u almost get treated like u have been to a restaurant. Post that, depending on the day of the week, occasions, live shows etc, the place converts from a restaurant to a disc ……………. U can see the transformation if u hang around for 2 -3 hours.

Music is loud but peppy, enjoyable & nice usually.

The menu is the same as any other Hard Rock Cafe in any other country. There r ‘India special’ dishes too. The serving staff is good & the Manager comes at least once to check if everything is fine. The food is mainly American stuff with some tid bits thrown in from around the world. The food tastes much above average – I call it ‘good’ to ‘very good’, nothing I ever ate here was below expectations – but not many of these dishes fall into the category of ‘outstanding’.

Cocktails r really good – Every time we have been there, the cocktail suggested by the serving person was usually the best – as compared to others that we ordered.

the cocktail that we liked the most last time we went to HRC

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading:

We walked in at around 8 pm hungry. Since we were three, we had the luxury of ordering multiple food & drinks & tasting them. ……….. ordered a nonvegetarian platter to start with.

the platter

The platter had very enjoyable ‘Santa fe Spring Rolls’ that had a crispy tasty outer layer & a smart filling within.

Spicy Chicken Wings (Thankfully not called Buffalo wings – as in the US) that were good but nothing extraordinary,

Thick, crispy crumb fried Onion Rings, again good, enjoyable, as expected & without a twist.

Excellent Potato skins with bacon bits – It tasted much much peppier & tastier than what I had at Wetherspoon, London Heathrow Airport,

Something called ‘Tupelo chicken tenders’ – turned out to be crumb fried chicken strips – It felt similar to our usual domestic Brinjal being referred to with a stylish name – ‘Aubergine’.

And all this was accompanied by a superb & unusual tomato sauce – it was not smooth in texture like usual Tomato ketchup, an outstanding blue cheese dip (caution – This is a bit weird – so u either ‘love’ it or ‘hate’ it – but cannot ‘ignore’ it), a normal cheese dip & also a hung curd dip.

I have tasted the veggie platter on an earlier occasion as well. That very good as well………… u can surely try………………..

Drinks r really good here – in case u r into cocktails. Our favourite is South American alcohol based drink called Caprioska – simple yet excellent – alcohol, fresh mint leaves & lemon chunks muddled together, brown sugar for sweetening, Pineapple juice. The mojito is very good too.

This time we decided to try other stuff & here is what we had – A thick, frothy, coconut flavor, pineapple juice based drink called ‘pink coconuts’ – GOOD , A drink called ‘Pop diva’ served in a martini glass BETTER & another one called ‘Hot pink fusion’ – a long drink, Hot Pink fusion was the BEST – refreshing, fruity, tangy, potent & thin. (check out the pic of the menu card to find what was there in the drink)

The ‘Pink’ festival drink menu – click on it, enlarge & u can read it

For second round we ordered a GOOD ‘Golden margarita’ a golden yellow colored drink made with Souza gold tequila, triple sec, mixed with orange syrup & fresh squeezed margarita mix.

 blue azul rita

BETTER ‘Blue Azul Rita’ – Souza Gold tequila, triple sec, raspberry syrup, fresh squeezed margarita & a splash of cranberry juice

BEST ‘Triple platinum Margarita’ – Souza Gold Tequila, Triple sec, Grand mariner, margarita mix

For main-course we ordered Tenderloin steak & Classic Steak Burger.

I always find the tenderloin steak to be very good, tasty, juicy & ‘I wanna eat again’ kind. It comes with a mashed potato in sauce & boiled veggies. This is one of the best steaks in ‘non 5 star’ restaurants in Delhi NCR.

mmm…………the tenderloin steak

Classic Burger is also very good – There is no hamburger patty but has a steak patty – comes with fries, dips, sauces etc. Very enjoyable & truly American. Its so huge (see the pic) that not many homosapiens (I know of) have such a big mouth to take a proper bite!!!!


The desserts r huge & very highly enjoyable as well. Try the chocolate ones – We tried 3 – 4 different types & all were superb. Don’t remember the names though.

Very very enjoyable ……………. That’s why we keep visiting.

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