Bajwa ka Dhaba (opposite Highway King, 60 km before u reach Jaipur from Delhi, on NH8)

In a nutshell:
One of the best rustic, authentic, lipsmacking Dhaba food that I have come across in a while.

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian

the dhaba - as seen from Highway King parking (just a line of trucks)

Meal For 2: Rs. 80 onwards

Detailed Description & the story:
We had read about this place in a book called ‘Highway on my plate’ by Rocky & Mayur. The book says ‘wander here no faint of heart’. It’s a true blue Punjabi dhaba that is meant only for truck drivers & not for city dwellers like us.

On our way back from Jaipur, we requested the driver of our Innova to stop by & he was frightened to take us there as the place is hardly visible from the road & forever covered by almost thirty plus trucks. We managed to persuade him & there we reached. There is no signboard & u have to use Indian GPS – asking people – to get to Bajwa – else u might end up at the Dhaba besides Bajwa – There are 3 Dhabas side by side.

as u enter the dhaba ground

The place is a huge open space with no walls in which trucks r parked. On one side is a water tank where Khatias r the only places to sit / lie down. There is a wooden plank that is placed on top of the khatia that becomes a table on which food is served.

The shy owner

I went in & tried to look for the shy Mr. Minta (Bajwa). He was pleasantly surprised that we were visiting him after reading a book. I showed him the book & he called all to see it. The way people jumped up from all around. I remembered the poem ‘pied piper of Hamlyn’………He kept on asking me where I bought the book from & I said ‘it is available everywhere’. He ordered his men to lay out the best arrangements for us to b comfortable…..& so they did.

No wall shed - one of the dining halls:) of the dhaba - sit on khatia & eat from the plank on top

Food was awesome, mindblowing, out of the world……and so on –

the outstanding daal

We ordered for 3 subzis & a daal – each & every subzi that we had were spicy, robust, rustic, lipsmacking, with a character of its own. Special mention needed for the daal & the soft & the fluffy freshly baked tandoori roti…..with a generous dollop of butter.

palak - saag ki subzi - very tasty (a bit grainy at places though)

Highway King is a disaster as compared to this.

the covered dining hall

…… ………….. Post the lunch Mr Bajwa came up to us & sadi ‘ Can u pls give me ur book’. I said but ‘u can buy it at any bookstore’. He said ‘ but I have never been to a book store in my life’……………… So I happily gave him my copy. Read out the text & translated that in Hindi again lots of people surrounding me. He bookmarked the page by folding the corner – coz I guess he will never be able to find it otherwise.

the chef!!!!

As we started walking to our car, we saw him coming towards us – ‘Sirji, ur Rs. 300 …..for the book’ – Needless to say I did not accept that, shook hands with him & thanked him for a very warm treatment to us.

The second time we went there he reciprocated by not charging for the food inspite of my many attempts!!!!

9 thoughts on “Bajwa ka Dhaba (opposite Highway King, 60 km before u reach Jaipur from Delhi, on NH8)

  1. interesting read…the narrative really makes us feel we are there…these incidents add value to the lovely journey called life..

  2. Really interesting read….reminds me of my travels in upcountry Bengal, and my experience of the roadside Dhabas….would love to try the food at Bajwa Ka Dhaba

  3. Like it ……. I feel Highway Dhabas are more interesting in night time….i am staying now just a km away from Highway on NH17, It is between haridwar and Dehradun. Jst 1.5km away we have a Dhabas called ‘BASANT DHABA’. foods are realy good… we use to go there somtime at arround 11.30pm or 12pm after our drinks. It is realy unforgatble experience in my stay in UK (uttara Khand ).

  4. awesome stuff and like ur down to earth approach…..will try and visit Bajwa on the road….great reading ur blog…I started after you from Zomato and then your blog…you have a great way of writing…I am truly mad abt food and love your pics as well…keep going

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