Kishu di Hatti (Opposite Post Office, New colony, Old Gurgaon)

In a nutshell:
Very understated on appearance but excellent tasty food – A must try for hardcore foodies.

Dhodha box at Kishu

How to get there:
Turn right from Rajeev Chowk (if u r facing Jaipur). Keep going straight. At one point the road really narrows – u pass thru a market place, post that keep going straight till u see a blue Road sign pointing to New Colony on ur left. Immediately after u turn left, just roll down the window at this stage & ask for New Colony post office.

To see google map, pls click here – Kishu

never ending crowd outside the eatery

Just by fluke we discovered this tiny old shabby shop called Kishu di Hatti in New Colony in Old Gurgaon!!!!

The Dhodas (sweet) here are even better than those at OM Sweets – That makes it Best Dhodha shop in Gurgaon.

The outstanding dhodhas

Another sweet called ‘shakarpara’ / ‘tosha’ is also a speciality – Multilayered flour sticks fried & dipped in fresh jaggery. This is the best shakarpara I have ever had.


There r many more sweets – I had heard about the gulab jamuns & tried them. very good but not ‘outstanding’ as the above too.

Gulab jamuns

The chholey is however nowhere as good as OM. So, we prefer to eat the samosa & Kachori with just chutney.

An excellent item sold by this shop is the mini samosas – 50 times better than the mini cocktail samosas sold by Haldirams & others in retail packs.

close up of mini samosas
close up of mini samosas

The cover of the samosa is flaky, crunchy & the inside has a very unique masala & daal mix. Definitely worth a try. Not over spiced but perfectly spiced. Super love these.

mini samosas
mini samosas

The regular samosas & kachoris are also super good.

During Holi tey make some awesome gujia s. I think those r way beter than the ones at OM / Bikanervala.


Love the Aloo Tikki Chhat here – crispy tasty tangy tikkis with a superb layer of masala & paneer inside. The chholey however is sad. So we ask for the chhat without the chholey. Chandni chowk chhats r however better.

aloo tikki chhat

We also buy Nimki / Mathri from here – finishes off b4 u realize.


Try out this little wonder.

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  1. KDH somasa mathri matar are good if we eat this you feel your mouth oily . Dhoda is good but can’t be compared with Om sweets.

  2. Yummraj bhai if you appreciate Kishu’s dhoda and are an ardant foodie with a dhoda tooth, you must have heard about Royal Dhoda house of Kotkapura., The place of dhoda origination.

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