Sitaram Dewanchand Chana (Chholey) Bhaturewala (2246, Chuna Mandi, near Imperial Cinema, Paharganj, Delhi).

In a nutshell:

One of the best Chholey Bhature in Delhi

The outside view of the eatery

GoogleMap: Sitaram Dewanchand

Chholey Bhature, aloo subzi, pickles

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian

Meal for 2: See pic below

menu card & price list displayed on the wall

How to get there:

At Ramakrishna Ashram Metro station, ask for Imperial Cinema. Once u reach there, ask for the Sitaram Dewanchand. Advisable not to take ur car there due to severe parking issues. Park ur car in CP & take an auto or just take a metro & then walk.

Imperial Cinema - Without this as a landmark, u will keep searching all over Pahargunj

We were surprised to see a Queue as we entered the shop at around 9.00am on a sunday morning. As we waited, a tall, smooth worded guy actually pulled off a typical Dilli sifarish for jumping the queue – He spoke to someone on his mobile & actually handed over the phone to the shop owner & the Gentleman obliged!!!!!

Queue as u enter the shop

While we waited for our turn to get a bite, we caught a glimpse of bhature stored in a hot chamber in trays. Seeing that we realized that we r not getting freshly fried bhatures but ‘already made’ ones. Much later while we were walking out (post meal) we saw a fresh consignment of bhatures from the kitchen. Those looked round & puffed like it is in bikanervala or Om sweets. So we missed it by a margin of approx. 25 minutes. Better luck next time.

aloo ki subzi

The Bhatures that we had were refried on tawa & served. So it is not swollen or puffed like we r used to see freshly fried bhatures. However, inspite of that, the taste of bhature was excellent on its own (without any accompaniment). There were lots of paneer strips & chopped coriander leaf inside the – super soft & much tastier than what it looked like. Wowwwwwwww was the taste. Inspite of being reheated & served, the bhature tasted better than even the freshly fried ones at Om sweets or Bikanervala.

The Bhatures being refried & served

Among the two accompaniments, the chholey looked less impressive than the aloo ki subzi. But the taste buds had a different story to tell. The aloo was flavorful with spices but was a bit more sour than the optimal – very good as it is but I have had it better on many occasions elsewhere.

Aloo ki subzi served

The chholey taste was outstanding. Better than my favourite till date – Chholey at OM sweets (If this is 10, then OM’s is 8.25). We cud feel the anardana in the chholey – overall it was spicy, flavorful, & very very enjoyable. In fact it is so good that even a hardcore carnivore like me wud go for this rather than a good (but not outstanding) chicken curry, an Al kabeer kind of packed ‘fry & eat’ kabab or a suboptimal redmeat curry or a nonvegetarian Chinjabi manchurian.

The outstanding Chholey

They also serve pickled green chillies & another pickle with the Chholey Bhature – the chillies still maintain their crunchiness.

pickles & chillies

To sum it up, YUMMRAJ says Abar Khabo (means ‘wud like to eat this again’ in Bengali)

6 thoughts on “Sitaram Dewanchand Chana (Chholey) Bhaturewala (2246, Chuna Mandi, near Imperial Cinema, Paharganj, Delhi).

  1. I have been eating Chooley Bhature here since childhood when my late father took me there. It remained his favorite food joint since his younger days. I refuse to believe any other shop in India serves better or more tasty Chooley Bhature! And the taste of aloo is simply heavenly. My father used to tell me that the place started out on a hand driven cart. And in those days too it was a finished affair if you reached later than 2:30 pm.

    Please check the rate; I think it is now Rs 40 and not Rs 35 per plate.

    1. Hi Vikram, Thanks so much for sharing your personal story.

      Rate must have changed. I usually do not put teh rate up on my blog but I had done this as an exception.:)

      thanks once again

  2. Being born and brought up there, I’ve also savoured them and still do… although I live about 14 kms away now… The aloo given along with the chooley are amazing… Knew his dad and sons and I remember the bus-load of picnic goers to a place called Dasna with the Bhature and Chooley in tow ! Good times then… !!

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