Tibetan Kitchen, Julley (Opposite RD city Gate no.2, besides Wine Shop)

In a nutshell:

Very interesting ambience & food – can turn a bit adventurous as well. Check it out if u wanna venture outside the usual Chinjabi (Chinese food Punjabified) stuff that u get in Gurgaon.

At the entrance of the restaurant

Meal for 2: Rs. 300 onwards

the eating hall of the restaurant

Short description – In case u r in a hurry:
From outside it looks like a good Goa shack with outdoor sitting.

Outdoor sitting, Tibetan Kitchen

As u walk in, u enter a very colorful room with Tibetan pictures & drawings on all walls, fans on the ceiling (did not see airconditioners), British style ceiling with wooden beams.

the ceiling of the eatery

The menu cards are ‘black & white’ print-outs on normal paper & then laminated. The waiting staff wears a jacket in which the restaurant name is written. They talk to u from ‘one person’ to ‘another person’ level & not ‘trained waiter’ to ‘customer’ level. I admired the innocence of the guy when we asked ‘R the prawns fresh?’ he said ‘of course, I went myself to the market to buy it today’. They are very polite & smiling but I guess under tremendous pressure to deliver.

Tibetan lamp shade in the balcony outside the eating hall

The adventure bit – The restaurant is located right next to a ‘Wine Shop’. People come in groups, buy booze, have it in open air, bring along with them to the restaurant & drink straight from the bottle. The side effect may be that the guys in the table besides u start laughing 5 times louder at almost non laughable comments post they get drunk etc. So in a way the place might look like a cheap bistro that u get to see in Clint Eastwood movies. The only difference is that some families do come also.

the superb pork

The food is very good but not extraordinary. It is better than the food at Blue Poppy Kolkata.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading:


We went for a Pork Shapta – it’s a kind of stir fried pork in capsicum, onion & garlic. The crisp capsicum & onions r thick chopped & add to the texture & the taste. The flavor is unusual & very good. The large slices of green chillies add to the punch – u can easily avoid them if u do not like hot food. The pork was soft & enjoyable………. As soft as it can get in a stir fry.

Pork shapta – lots of green chillies , capsicums, onions

We also asked for a Mixed meat & seafood Thukpa – For the uninitiated, Thukpa is noodles, meats, veggies & egg in hot piping clear soup.

The real thukpa without the egg layer

Loved the taste of the Thukpa here & more so in the winter evening of Delhi – the eggs were omletted & cut into strips (looked like flat noodles), thinly sliced veggies were crisp as we ate, meat pieces & prawns were in abundance in the dish. Overall, it was very good to eat & was fully enjoyable.

The Thukpa – served as it is with the egg on top

We also ordered for a Tibetan speciality – fried steamed momo (first steamed & then pan fried on only one side) which never came after a wait of 30 minutes. The waiter apologized & we cancelled the order – The chef supposedly missed out on it.


Went back for a second time to have some momos. Ended have having a Tibetan platter that had other things & also momos in it, something like a momo that takes 30 minutes to make & also a third kind of momo called kothay.

The second visit happened to be a Tuesday & we were given an interesting piece of information – ‘We do not serve pork on Tuesdays’. So we had to do good with Chicken & lamb.

Sumai (not suimai) momo takes 30 minutes to make & tastes just too good……..worth the wait. The chicken filling had a distinct character, it made a statement, unique flavor, juicy within & a salt’n sour taste. Highly Recommended.

Sumai momo

Chicken Kothay was a steamed momo pan fried (on one side only) post the steaming. Very interesting concept. The pan frying gives a good & unique texture to the momo & hence gives a twist to the usual expected momo taste. The filling was not juicy enough like the mutton momo or the Sumai but not bad either. The filling had a bit of a citrus flavor & mild spices. I found it good overall. I am surely going back to try the pork & the lamb kothays.

Chicken Kothay – steamed & then pan fried on one side

We also went fro a Tibetan lamb Platter. It had a thick translucent soup with a herby flavor to it. Loved it. The meat pieces in the soup however smelled a bit unfresh.

Tibetan Lamb Platter

The juicy & tasty lamb momo was brilliant. A traditional fluffy bread that was served was also very interesting – it was fluffy, had a fermented flavot to it & was super soft.

the bun & the excellent momos

The platter also had a lamb curry with potatoes & Glass noodles!!!! The taste was however a letdown as it had less salt & I found the gravy to be too thin. Now I have no idea how it is had in Tibet but just the right proportion of salt (when added) made a huge difference to the taste. Whatever be the case, we will not reorder this for sure.

Day 3:

Tried Ladakhi noodle soup – Gyatuk. We went for the  Tibetan Kitchen Special Gyatuk. This one has pork, mutton, chicken & shrimps. There r veggie version of this soup & chicken version as well. Flat hand-made noodles in a soup with all kinds of meats/ veggies in them. We got carrots, capsicum,baby corn, cabbage & beans in the veggies.  Nice Subtle taste & flavor – served piping hot. Tastes great & feels good specially if u have it in winters / rainy season.

Ladakhi (handmade) Noodle soup

Overall – Very different from what I have had in Delhi NCR. Must Try if u wanna venture outside the usual Chinjabi (Chinese food Punjabified) stuff that u get in Gurgaon.

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