Thick’ n Yumm Aromatic Coconut Crab Curry

Contributed by YUMMRAJ’s favorite Chef ANONYMOUS  in the series named – For the chef in u………

Once again, a very simple recipe that leads to a marvel of a dish…….

Though we enjoy this curry most often with Crab, u can try out the same with fish / Prawn / Crab meat / imitation crab meat. In case u r thinking what an imitation crab meat is, all u need to do is to visit the food section of any renowned Departmental store in Gurgaon & peep into the deep freezer.

Home made crab curry for u

750 grams of crab (approx. 3 full mud crabs) or similar weight of fish / prawn etc is what u need for this dish.

To start with, marinate the crab (pls assume ur choice of seafood in place of crab from here on if u r not cooking crab) in turmeric & salt for about a Quarter of an hour.

marinated crabs

Fry the crabs briefly until the shell color changes to bright red. Keep the crabs aside for a while.

fried crabs

Temper the oil with 3 green cardamoms, 4 cloves & an inch size cinnamon stick. As the spices start crackling, fry two thinly Chopped onions till they turn Golden brown.

..............onions turned Golden brown

Add half teaspoon each of Ginger & garlic paste. Also add Red Chilli powder & salt to ur taste.

Keep frying the above till the oil separates.

Add two cups of thick coconut milk (use powdered coconut milk as an easier option) & bring it to a boil.

Add the crabs & simmer…………..away to Glory.

Serve piping hot with plain steamed rice & yo…………. Enjoy the compliments from ur taste buddies.

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