Kachori Jodhpuree (Food court, DT Mega Mall, Gurgaon)

In a nutshell:

A very good Vegetarian Kachori place with an unexpected meaty marvel – Laal Maas

Kachori Jodhpuree

Meal for 2: Rs. 100 onwards vegetarian & Rs. 300 onwards for Nonvegetarian

A standee of the shop kept near the entrance of the food court


The Gentleman at the counter sports the traditional Royal Rajasthani Moustache & exudes a lot of warmth & hospitality when he talks to u.

Four kachoris that they sell r Pyaz (Onion), Garlic kachori, Daal Kachori & sweet Mawa kachori.
If u order the Laal maas, the Gentleman asked us u ‘spicy, less spicy or not spicy’. We said ‘the original recipe, whatever it is’. He said ‘spicy’.

The complete platter – roti, meat curry, fabulous chutney

The laal maas was accompanied by authentic Bajra ke Roti. The curry looked pretty good & it totally camouflaged the extreme ‘fiery’ feel that u get the moment it lands in ur mouth. Let me tell u that this was the second most ‘hot & fiery’ food that I have had in an eatery. The curry was spicy, hot, fiery, outstanding & had loads of ghee in it – the meats were superb & just melt in the mouth. The combo of laal maas & Bajra ke roti was as authentic & good as it cud get & was thoroughly enjoyable inspite of the fact that my forehead was sweating in the December Delhi cold.

the not so fiery looking but actually fiery laal maas at Kachori Jodhpuree

A good option (in case u r frightened after reading the above) is to go for the less spicy or the not spicy option. U can still enjoy this Rajasthan delicacy at its authentic best in a food court.

Bajra Roti – Edibly hard, thick, topped with ghee – just as it is had in the villages of Rajasthan

Must mention that the lehsun (garlic) ki chutney was too good & one cud eat a full roti with just the chutney.