Tibetan Kitchen, Julley (Opposite RD city Gate no.2, besides Wine Shop)

In a nutshell:

Very interesting ambience & food – can turn a bit adventurous as well. Check it out if u wanna venture outside the usual Chinjabi (Chinese food Punjabified) stuff that u get in Gurgaon.

At the entrance of the restaurant

Meal for 2: Rs. 300 onwards

the eating hall of the restaurant

Short description – In case u r in a hurry:
From outside it looks like a good Goa shack with outdoor sitting.

Outdoor sitting, Tibetan Kitchen

As u walk in, u enter a very colorful room with Tibetan pictures & drawings on all walls, fans on the ceiling (did not see airconditioners), British style ceiling with wooden beams.

the ceiling of the eatery

The menu cards are ‘black & white’ print-outs on normal paper & then laminated. The waiting staff wears a jacket in which the restaurant name is written. They talk to u from ‘one person’ to ‘another person’ level & not ‘trained waiter’ to ‘customer’ level. I admired the innocence of the guy when we asked ‘R the prawns fresh?’ he said ‘of course, I went myself to the market to buy it today’. They are very polite & smiling but I guess under tremendous pressure to deliver.

Tibetan lamp shade in the balcony outside the eating hall

The adventure bit – The restaurant is located right next to a ‘Wine Shop’. People come in groups, buy booze, have it in open air, bring along with them to the restaurant & drink straight from the bottle. The side effect may be that the guys in the table besides u start laughing 5 times louder at almost non laughable comments post they get drunk etc. So in a way the place might look like a cheap bistro that u get to see in Clint Eastwood movies. The only difference is that some families do come also.

the superb pork

The food is very good but not extraordinary. It is better than the food at Blue Poppy Kolkata.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading:

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Food from the streets of Calcutta- Momos

Contributed by Guest Blogger Sayantan Dasgupta

For someone who claims that his raison d’être is food, not having written even once about food seems like a bad idea. But, at the outset, let me admit something. Great lover of food though I am, my knowledge of cooking ends at preparation of instant noodles! Of course, any bachelor worth his salt will vouch for instant noodles being an absolute lifeline, especially, if you are staying far away from home, in a place where the food sucks….


This brings me to two of my favorite cuisines, Tibetan and Chinese. Indians at large and Bengalis in specific have this uncanny ability to embrace things they like to such an extent that one is reminded of the saying, “more loyal than the king….”

So, cricket happens to be the unofficial national game of India, Bata happens to be un-official national footwear company of middleclass India, and Chinese food, believe it or not, happens to be the national food of India too!!!

And though the Tibetan nationalist movement has not made much headway into the vice-like grip of the Chinese over Lhasa, it’s a different story all-together as far as the battle gastronomique being fought between China & Tibet is concerned, which for the un-initiated, is being fought on the streets of Calcutta!

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