The Chinese (F Block, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, Delhi)

In a nutshell:

Great ambience, Good staff & fairly good food with some outstanding showstoppers in the ‘authentic Chinese section’.

The Chinese

 Address & other details: The Chinese

 Meal for 2: Rs. 1500

 Cuisine Type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

a view near the entrance

 Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

Chinese food always rings a few unusual bells in my head – unusual to most Indians except for those who have travelled to China, lived there or stayed there for some time. I freak out on food every time I am in China & in Hongkong. However the food that is served in most places in India as ‘Chinese’ are versions that the Chinese nationals wud be shocked to know about. So I will refer to the authentic version as ‘authentic’ & the Punjabified version as ‘Chinjabi’.

What is good about this restaurant is that they have two separate menucards for Chinjabi& authentic Chinese.

All other occassions we had been to thisplace, we just retained the authentic menu. Do not remember any major dissappointment regarding food here, in the past – rather have a very fond memory of dine outs here.

This time around we had guests who were not hardcore foodies like us & hence we thought of trying out some popular Chinjabi as well along with the authentic.

The decor in this place is wow – u can surely go for a romantic dinner. U can go with small groups of friends as well.

the dining hall

The staff is pretty smart & answer most of ur questions well. They however do not fill up empty water glasses if u have opted for filter water in place of Bottled water.

We loved the fish in black bean sauce, ate the ‘not bad’ crispy fried chicken, loved the mei foon (rice noodles), hated the fried rice, did not dislike the chicken hot pot, freaked out on fish in black pepper sauce & quite disliked the darsaan.

Detailed description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading:

For starters we had fish in black bean sauce. It had Corainder leaves, green chillies& was tossed in black bean sauce. Excellent was the taste. Tongue burns, if u happen to bite on the fat green chilly slices………… but will enjoy it if u like hot food. Chilli slices r big – so it is easy to keep them aside if u do not want it hot.Taste was just too good – Very enjoyable.

fish in black bean sauce

Next in starters came very thin slices of chicken ‘deep batter-fried’. They were crispy, but had suboptimal salt&were served with a red sweet n hot sauce. It failed miserably to make an impression.

crispy fried chicken

For main course, we ordered Rice noodles called Mei foon. For the uninitiated, mei foon is very thin noodle made with rice paste as a base instead of flour (maida) being the base. We loved the authentic meinfoon which was served with boiled veggies. It was bland for normal Indian palate but that is how the Chinese eat it.

fried rice & mei foon

Fried rice was bad. It was made with rubbery, fat & short grains of rice, thus giving it a bad texture. The taste was nothing good on its own, but not abominable either, ok to eat as a filler cereal with the side dishes.

Chicken hot pot from the Chinjabi section was served on a live fire stoveon a wok (kadhai) – super succulent chicken in orange gravy with veggies& black mushrooms.

Chicken hot pot

Good taste overall. We were told it was one of the most popular dishes, but I think we wud not order it again.

chicken hot pot served on a burner

Fish red snapper in black pepper sauce was awesome – We did not realize while ordering that a full fish wud be served (as it is served in china) & people will have to carve out their pieces. Thankfully the staff helped us out in the operation.Excellenttaste. Crispy outer layer of fish, mild juicy & tasty within, all in a Wow gravy.

excellent full fish

The dessert Darsan was again bad – very littlesesame, horrible ‘vanilla’ ice cream to which vanilla was never added – not expected from people who have the honesty & sensibility to offer two different menu cards – authentic & Chinjabi. The dish had very little honey as well. The same dish at oriental bloom Gurgaon was way better.


Overall – We will surely revisit & stick to the authentic. In case u r a chinjabi lover, there are some hidden gems for u as well.

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