Wazwan (kashmiri Food stall, Dilli Haat, opp INA Market, Delhi)

Original post 2012. Go to the bottom for updated post 2017.

In a nutshell:

Almost authentic & very tasty Kashmiri cuisine, second  best in Delhi after Chor Bizarre

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Meal for 2: Rs. 300 onwards

Cuisine type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

The name Wazwan refers to a elaborate creation of 25 to 30 dishes mostly nonvegetarian, by masterchefs called ‘Waza’s. The shop wazwan serves few of the dishes from that long list of 35 options.

Like all other stall in Dilli haat, u r supposed to sit & eat out in the open. So Winter afternoons & Summer evenings are a good option. We do not consider quality of service in the stalls as a parameter for judging a stall. Taste rules the thought process.

Four dishes that we love at Wazwan are Haaq, tabak maaz, Rishta & Gushtaba.

Haaq is a very simple & very tasty boiled saag preparation. I have never been able to figure out how they make it so good without much of spices.

haaq – a superb kashmiri saag preparation

Tabak Maaz is a lamb rib preparation that I have honestly not had in too many places. Love the Tabak Maaz here – layers of meat & fat (burnt, slightly stiff meat on the top, layer of fat in the mid & a super soft melt in the mouth inner layer), all different textures & tastes, which blend in as u take a bite & give a unique taste & feel. Excellent. The one at Chor Bizarre, Delhi is slightly better & more sophisticated than the version served at Dilli Haat. Last time we went to Wazwan, the tabak Maaz seemed to be reheated & served though the waiter claimed it was not. The taste was suboptimal (as compared to what we have had before). The best we have had was before 12.00 noon.

Rishta is a fiery red meatball curry. Excellent gravy, the flavors of fennel seeds & cardamom made it different from other similar looking red curries. The meat ball was surely not made with hand-pounded meat (traditionally the meat for this dish is hand-pounded with huge wooden hammers on a large flat solid wood base). The result was that it was unnecessarily uniform & lacked the juiciness that u expect from the ‘real thing’. The meat this time was slightly less than fresh but that did not make a difference coz the gravy was just too good.


Gushtaba is a white gravy meatball curry. Like that as well here.

All these r served with plain white rice.

We also had Kahwa – Kashmiri tea served with shredded almonds. It was refreshing but a bit oversweetened though.


Check it out when u want to taste a great cuisine which is sadly not served in too many places.


A lot more Kashmiri restaurants have come up in delhi in all these years.

My personal favourite is Matamaal – way ahead of others . They serve Kashmiri pandit food.

There are many more like Khyen chyen, Kashmiri kitchen, ahad sons etc.

Some items I ate at wazwan today

Tabak Maaz – baby goat ribs fry

Haaq – a Kashmiri saag preparation

Mutton roganjosh

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  1. hey! just went through your blog…it is amazing….!! Visited the Wazwan @ Dilli Haat last month with friends and had Goshtaba which was amazing. you must try the wazwan near Nizamuddin,,it is really SOMETHING!! yummmm……..!

  2. actuly i want the details of food stalls of delhi haat with their menu,recipe plzzz snd me on my email id

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