Hongkong Street Food – Tong Tai Seafood Restaurant (Temple Street Night Market, Hongkong)

In a nutshell:

A roadside Chinese Dhaba in which u actually sit on plastic chairs on the road & eat from makeshift tables – some marvelous fresh seafood & other Chinese food. I wud have regretted to have missed this place.

te facade of the shop

Meal for 2 : HKD 200 onwards

people sitting on plastic chairs & tables on the street & eating

How to get there: Get to Kowloon station & take a taxi to ‘Temple Street Night Market’.

live (most of them) seafood on display

Cuisine Type: Predominantly Nonvegetarian, limited but good Vegetarian selection.

live seafood – view 2

Short Description –In case u r in a hurry:

In many years of my regular visits to Hongkong, there has hardly been an occasion when we have not visited the Temple Street Night Market. It is a makeshift market that comes up everyday post sunset, on a place that is a road in the daytime!!!! I guess there are hundred or more stalls in this place & they sell a huge variety of merchandise like – Chinese traditional dresses for adults & kids, very innovative toys, paintings, a plethora of things that u can use for decorating ur home, Hongkong memorabilia, DVDs & fakes of all kinds of brands from clothing to accessories & shoes.

A very common sight in Hongkong – Full roasted birds of all shapes & sizes hung – with their beaks intact

What this market also has is a few roadside eateries that served fresh seafood & other Chinese food. On the display is a host of sea animals of different shapes, colors, textures & sizes. U can choose from them & they will cook it for you in the way you want (u will have to choose from multiple choice questions). U can also order from a printed menu card in which almost every item has a colored picture.

the aquarium section – u choose ur food

We generally used to go to one of these eateries for a long time – The food was great but the service was dramatically poor. They wud not come to take the orders for long, u wud struggle to get a fork (food is usually served with a pair of chopsticks), they might forget serving one of the things that u ordered etc. We always thought that all popular street food joints are like this only. Yesterday it crossed our mind to try out a new joint. To our pleasant surprise, the service was perfect, so was the behavior & the food was awesome. The food was actually better than our earlier joint.

from shelled beings to swimming fishes (background)

What is interesting is that on each table u will get a toilet paper roll – in place of tissue paper, for wiping ur hand!!!
Incase u r a nonvegetarian beyond just boneless Tandoori Chicken, do not miss this place if u happen to be in Hongkong. This is a foodie’s heaven.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading:

We started the meal with Steamed Japanese scallops with garlic – It was served piping hot, on the original shell itself, the scallops were covered with thin transparent glass noodles garnished with lots of fried minced garlic. The taste was awesome – the flavors of the fresh scallops & the garlic blended well. The juice (combination of the broth in which this was prepared, the juices of the scallops & the oils) of the dish that stayed back on the plate was too good & we wiped it off just like that.

steamed Japanese scallops

Post this we had deep fried spicy mantis shrimp. A mantis shrimp is something that I have not seen in India so far. In appearance it looks like a mix-breed of a scorpion & a lobster. In reality there is no such biological crossing. The taste is mind blowing good. The meat has a texture close to that of prawn & the taste is closer to that of a crab (slightly sweet but with a nice flavor). Since it is slightly difficult to deshell it, we were provided with a pair of scissors besides the plate to cut the shell off!!!! Interesting. The shrimps were deep fried with garlic & red chillies & the taste of the fry was just too good.

deep fried mantis shrimp – served with a pair of scissors to cut thru the shell

Post this came fried beef with green pepper & onion in black bean sauce. Though the menu card said black bean sauce, there were black beans in the dish which made it taste good. The onions & peppers were as crunchy in a cooked dish as possible. The slices of beef were tasty, non chewy & soft and the gravy was excellent. Loved having this with sticky rice.

beef in black bean sauce

Fried Oysters with Ginger & Spring Onions was fabulous again. These were fresh deshelled oysters, flavorful, tasty, soft & non chewy – stir fried with pokchoy. Super Liked this as well.

fried oysters with ginger & spring onions

To recap – I will surely revisit this place to try out new seafood options next time we r in Hongkong. Highly recommend to u as well.

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  1. Oh God – the pictures are absolutely yummy! Reminds of all the seafood that we had at Singapore – specially the chilli peppered crabs. Amazing pics with a wonderful write up!

  2. thanks ishita. loved the place so much that kept awake an hour extra last night to write the post:)alas, I am yet to go to Singapore after so many years of travel.

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