Streetfood Gurgaon – JB Chaap Express (Gurgaon Sadar Bazar, besides Delhi Chaat Bhandar)

How to get there: If u r facing Jaipur on NH8 at Rajeev Chowk Crossing, turn right. Keep going straight tiil the road narrows down. U travel thru a disgusting narrow stretch of approx 50 meters & again the road widens.

At this point u see a Lord Shiva’s idol in the road divider. Park the car here in front of the shop called Delhi Chaat Bhandar & look for the Thela (hand cart) that reads JB Chaat express.

I am not a big fan of meat substitute but this little thela (hand cart) in Sadar Bazar, Old Gurgaon changed my perception. The owner is a very sober & nice person. His passion was evident in the food he was serving. Though he has two assistants who help in the barbeque, he is the one who does the final finishing to the food – He wud also give u choice on the level of chatpata that u want.

JB Chaap Express hand cart

The food on offer is two varieties of soyabean chaaps, tandoori mushroom & tandoori paneer (paneer tikka). The marinated food stuff is displayed in a glass counter in the hand cart.

marinated food kept on display in the counter

The roasting starts post u place the order. Nothing is ‘made & reheated’.

All food is barbequed right in front of u & served fresh

Taste was good for the two varieties of soya based Chaaps that we had – the malai & the masala version. The malai was surely much better.

masala chaap

Meat eaters might have an issue with the texture of the chhap as this tends to be a little ‘slippery’. This grows on u though & I have seen my vegetarian friends drool over this.

malai chaap

Day 1 we were full & so we Planned to go back to try the Paneer tikkas that looked so YUMM…………. & yes, we were not dissappointed.
Paneer tikkas are just rightly done, charred corners but not too much, chatapata masala, soft paneer (not the softest I have ever had though) & very enjoyable.

paneer tikka

Check this out.

11 thoughts on “Streetfood Gurgaon – JB Chaap Express (Gurgaon Sadar Bazar, besides Delhi Chaat Bhandar)

  1. Looks great and what a nice alternative for the vegetarians! Can you steal at least one receipe from him?:)

    1. I have a feeling that a lot of the taste comes from numerous little things that he does with a lot of passion. Recommend that u pay a visit for the first time. Maybe u wud like to try at home post that

      1. I wish I could visit this stall, but am too far away unfortunately!P

      2. I assume you must be the relative of J.B. chaap.
        Thats the worst chaap i had after reading your reviews.
        Shame on u dude.
        Grow up

  2. I assume you must be a relative of J.B chaaps.
    He makes the worst chaaps i ever had in my life.
    Grow up dude.
    Wake up.

  3. Whosoever posted this greatness about jb chat is not aware how chapp tastes.
    Or he must be financially obliged by jb

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