Peshawri (ITC. Grand Maratha, near T2 International Airport, mumbai)

In a nutshell: 

A younger cousin of the famous and much hyped Bukhara of delhi, peshawri has rustic interiors, utterly uncomfortable seating, inconsistent service and some really great food

Address & other details: Peshawri

Meal for 2: 3000 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian & nonvegetarian

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry:

We have been hearing of this restaurant for quite some time now. So decided to check it out one evening.

The interiors resemble a rustic eatery. The tables were wooden. For sitting there were long benches and also logs of wood with a convex cushion on top.

It was quite a pain to sit on the log and we just hated this part. It was like a peshawri (afghan) rocket pushing up against ur a**e!!!!! I hv never felt such discomfort even at roadside eAteries.

The service boys initially were late in getting menu card, giving water etc as they were super busy. However as crowd thinned, the service got better. The guy serving us most of the time took very good care of us towards the end.

Menu card was crisp and focussed. It was made from wood.

Loved the food

Detailed description- in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

It was one of those unusual days when we had eaten too less the whole day. So we were surprised at ourselves that we ended up having that much.

We started with Sikandari raan – as if Alexander the Great used to like his lamb shank this way!!! (Alexander is referred to as Sikander). This was one of the best lamb shanks we have had in a while. The outer side was crisp at places and slightly charred at some other areas.

The meat inside was fibrous but super soft and non chewy. Flavours of the meat cud b enjoyed a lot in addition to flavours of spices – loved the subtleness of the dish ( from a spice perspective), nothing was on the face but was excellent. Worth the 30 minutes wait. Rate this 4.75/5

We next ordered Fish tikka. This, we were told, was made from betki fish. The tikkas when served on the plate had juices flowing out into the plate. However with a bite we realized that the tikkas were not juicy inside , rather a tad dry.

The fish was flaky and nice. Loved the marination. Flavours of the dish expressed themselves well. The fish tasted real good. Rate the tikka 4/5. We surely loved the tikka at punjabi food festival at Maya, trident much better.

After fish tikka we asked about Tandoori chicken – how many pieces etc. We were told that we will get a full chicken. We surely did not hv the appetite to eat a full bird. As we were deliberating, I guess disappointment showed up in our expressions and we were pleasantly surprised when we got a brilliant unusual offer from our server. He offered us half portion as an exception and charged it against daal Bukhara.

The tandoori chicken was the best we had ever had. Coming from someone who avoids broiler chicken everywhere due to its blandness, u can imagine what we r talking about. Chicken meat itself has little flavour and the chef managed to retain it.

The juiciness of meat was enjoyable, with that of a mild non intruding flavour of spice. The meat was super soft anD YUMM to taste. Burnt edges added to the drama and the final basting on the top did magic. Rate it 4.95/5

Daal Bukhara was very good. Unlike most of the other places this daal does not look shiny, neither is its texture smooth.

The grains of daal could be felt amongst a very enjoyable thick base. Loads of butter added to the experience. Rate it 4.5/5

I ordered Bombay high drink as they said it was signature drink. I was in shock after 2 sips. It was syrupy, directionless, tasteless and just too bad. It was like that hot babe/ hunk in a party whom u Wud want to run away from, after she/he opens mouth!!

Am not sure if the recipe was like this but the execution surely was very bad. It seemed that the bar chef was away and the management trainee made the drink and did not bother to check the taste. We kept the drink aside and did not drink it. Our server noticed and asked. We asked him to take it away as we did not like it. He took it back, charged it and gave us a complimentary dessert instead (on his own – we did not ask for it). Not rating the drink.

Mint fizz was regular virgin mojito – very good. Rate it 4/5

Gulab jamun dessert was very good. It had a good balance of sweet and salt. The inside of the gulab jamun was not too sweet. It was super soft and nice. I have had better gulab jamuns earlier but this one was very good as well. Rate it 4/5

Overall rating of food and beverages at peshawri averages out to 4.4/5

Wud revisit to try some more dishes next time – hope some of those painful seats are changed by then.

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