Burmese Kitchen (Gurgaon)

In a nutshell:

It’s a ‘home delivery only’ company that delivers some interesting & enjoyable Burmese food.

khao suey condiments at Burmese Kitchen

Menu card & Contact Numbers: burmesekitchen

Meal for 2: Rs. 300 onwards

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian


I have not had much exposure to Burmese cuisine partly because I did not visit Burma & also because there are almost no Burmese speciality restaurants in Delhi NCR or Kolkata. Of late ‘Asia’ theme Restaurants are offering a short Burmese menu e.g. Asia 7, Gurgaon.

So when we read about Burmese kitchen, we decided to go, only to realize that its just a kitchen. There are no seats available & food is delivered to ur home n Gurgaon.

We went thru the menu card & zeroed in on few curries & an interesting ensemble food by the name of Khao Suey.

Khao suey is Burmese noodle soup. Conceptually it is like Tibetan Thukpa or Chinese Soup noodle but in terms of taste, texture & condiments, it is completely different.

The soup is delivered in a sealed plastic can which surprisingly retains the temperature. The coconut milk based soup is thick, has a strong flavor & has chicken / prawns thrown in. A pack of plain noodles is served alongwith.

The idea is to mix the soup with the noodles & then to empty all the other 9 plastic packs into the dish in proportions that suit ur taste. These 9 packs contain lemon, chopped corainder leaves, hand pounded red chilli flakes, thinly sliced green chillies, peanuts, deep fried crispy garlic, chopped boiled eggs & something crispy like a sew/bhujia.

Khao suey delivered at home - all well packed

The result is a wow experience for ur taste buddies.

crispy fried onions

Every bite has a different taste & texture due to so many different things being mixed in.

crispy fried garlic slices

The garlic flakes might tend to taste mildly bitter – I wud suggest u to use that in less proportion if u r not a big fan of garlic. The sew adds an unexpected twist to the noodle soup & so do the peanuts.

seo / sew

Have eaten this several times & have always consistently liked it. Recommend u to try it out. This is in fact better & cheaper than the Khao suey served at Asia 7.

We tried other curries like fish curry, chicken curry etc. They were good but they did not leave a lasting impression like the Khao suey did.

Check out this interesting place next time u r hungry & not in a mood to cook. All u have to do is to order & wait for 30 minutes.

6 thoughts on “Burmese Kitchen (Gurgaon)

  1. Hey Yummraj,

    I am going through your writings for quite a good time now.
    They are interesting and ofcourse very yummy, much to suit my gastronomical interest.
    While going through your blog I came accross the Burmese Cuisine’s part.
    You have displayed disappointment of not having the chance to experience burmese cuisines in Kolkata. I agree, its not that popular as Chinese or Thai, mostly beacause Burma itself is not a popular country for its political and diplomatic stances. Well what I intend to say is that you can get some Burmese flavours if you visit to outer Kolkata. There is a semi-urban town known as ‘Barasat’ in the eastern fringes of Kolkata, (you have to go beyond Dumdum, and then Madhyamgram). When there was insurgencies in Burma in the 1960s most of the Indians residing over there had to come back. The Bengalis who were residing there got a re-hab facility at Barasat.
    Thus they brought along themselves the cullinary skills of Burmese cuisines which they later exhibited at their food joints. These food joints nothing have any bit of luxeries in them, they are just the kind of ‘Roti-Sabji’ Hotels we find at the side.

    The Burmese Cuisine that we mostly heard of is ‘Khao Suey’.
    But as a matter of fact it only signifies the class of food that inludes noodles just like ‘Chow Mein’. There are the speciality dishes with Chow Mein like Chicken. Schezwan, Haka, etc, similarly there are specialities with ‘Khao Suey’. The ‘Khao Suey’ we generally get is actually known as ‘Ohn no Khao Sue’ which is made up of Chicken and coconut broth.

    The another famous dish from Burma is the ‘Mohinga’ (unofficial Burmese national dish).

    The main base ingredient of all Burmese Food is Ngapi (read as Nappi), which is infact made by processing by fermenting the paste of ground fish or shrimp. It is very pungent smelling, much more than ‘Shutki’.

    You can try them out if you visit the Place in Barasat known as ‘Kazipara(Burma Colony)’.
    They have a couple of Burmese food joints over there that are owned by bong expats from burma. I dont know about how authentic the food may be in relation to their actual burmese counterparts but it would surely make you prepared when you venture into the Burmese Territory in a posh restaurant or a hotel.

    Best of luck.

    Oh BTW, there are few more Burmese ReHab centers in Delhi and Chennai. You can search for them if you are nearby, I dont know the exact locations.

    Sujay Chakraborty

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