Street food – Jai Ambe Kachoriwallah (Rau Tejaji Chowk, Indore)

 Cuisine type: Vegetarian

Meal for 2: Rs. 25 onwards

The shop still under a tree


As I mentioned in my previous post, Kachoris, Samosas & Pakoras are ubiquitous in Indore. You find shops selling these items almost everywhere in Indore.

However what is interesting is that not all of them taste the same. People add their own twist to the taste to differentiate from others & create a mark of their own.

We were told that this guy started selling pakoras & samosas in a thela (hand cart) under a tree. Today he has a shop with employees but its still under the same tree. Though the board says ‘restaurant’, I cannot think of it as a restaturant by any stretch of imagination.

Khasta Kachori that we had was stuffed to the brim with the masala which was good to taste.The outer layer was flaky & crispy. Good kachoris as it is.


The kachoris were served with green chutney & or curd.


There was also an option of red chutney & or curd.

 The way this was served was like in a pani puri – crack the top & pour the chutneys from the top. I could not appreciate the taste post it was served this way coz the taste & flavors of the filling of the kachori were getting lost. People around me seemed to be enjoying it that way.
I found the chutneys to be good but not great.

The joint seemed to be very popular as at any point in time there was a queue of 7 -8 people. Check it out urself if u happen to stay in Indore & request you to comment on the post on how u liked it.

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      1. that is my point. We have only 1 life. So must not give up good things. So I do not believe in dieting. But just to balance the foooood, I work out. That way its not bad. U enjoy as well as stay good:)

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