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I have always found a huge difference between the food at regular Jet Airways & the Jet Connect & Jet Lite ‘Buy your own meal’ food. The Jet Airways Global Flight food is awesome. Specially for vegetarians, Jet Airways International Flights are a Dream come true as they are probably the only airlines that consistently serve good tasty piping hot Indian food in the skies. Jet Airways regular flights serve pretty good food generally.

I am surprised why the Jet Lite & Konnect Kitchens employ the worst of Food planners as compared to some of the best airlines Chefs being employed at main stream Jet Flights.

In so called low cost airlines, passengers pay for their food. So it makes no sense to serve them suboptimal sandwiches at Rs. 180 per pack. If quality was to be bettered, the cost cud just as well be Rs. 250 but good to taste.

Among most low cost airlines, Indigo does a great job in inflight dining & offers much better food at same prices as the Jet airways.

Here comes a comparison:

Packaging : U wud love the packaging of sandwiches at Indigo & may even spend a few minutes reading & enjoying the cartoons. In case of Jet, the packaging is not only ordinary, it is of very bad quality with smudges on the print at times!!!

packaging at jet , with smudged prints & cheap material used

Options: Indigo offers a long list of options. Jet offers veg vs. non veg sandwiches. Same for drinks.

Taste: No comparison. If Indigo sandwiches are like Belgian Chocolate ice cream at Gelato Italiano, the oneas served at Jet wud be like a plain vanilla served by Kwality Walls.

I still remember the mental duress that I had to go thru in eating a ‘hot dog ‘ format sandwich in one of the early morning flights of Jet. I cud not believe it cud be so bad & the fact that I paid cash for it. Given a choice, I wud not eat it even if someone paid for it. It was not fresh bread & the filling had no rhyme or reason.

On another occasion I made the mistake of ordering a samosa for Rs. 50. That was a huge shocker as well. Thin layer of samosa, cold, refrigerated for sure – horrible. The potato had almost gone brittle due to refrigeration & so was the outer layer!!!

The option that I had of late was a non veg sandwich. It had tandoored chicken pieces in mint & corainder chutney as the filling. Tandoored chicken pieces were good to taste but too dry. Brown bread was the base. Very ordinary filling with no twist. Not bad either.

sandwich at jet

Hope someone at Jet Kitchen reads this & tries to reduce the Class divide between the two Jets. Indigo can surely be a good benchmark to start with.

Note: I happen to be a Jet Previlege member & Indigo did not even bother to offer a previlege card. The difference is that the former is good at Classic Marketing methods & the latter is simply good at providing an outstanding product.

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  1. A VEGETARIAN on ‪#‎Jetairways‬ flight?? READ THIS:

    SINGAPORE to DELHI flight 9W17 From Singapore To Delhi Travel Date 27-Apr-2016
    Inflight VEG food: Was given “Taiwanese Pot SALAD” containing white sauce; smelling and tasting like FISH !!! MANAGER gave a Comment Form to fill and assured response. No reply since one month.. Earlier I SMELT something FISHY in JET-food, but now I smell a RAT HERE!!! WHAT SAY ???

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