Amritsar Da Dhaba (Khar Telephone Exchange, Khar , Mumbai)

Contributed by Guest Blogger Rakesh Kumar

In a nutshell:

Awesome taste at a great price. Food served off Tawa and directly on your plate.

Address & other details: Amritsar da Dhaba

Meal for 2: Rs. 300 onwards

Cuisine Type: Nonvegetarian & Vegetarian

If hygiene and great food can be separated …and strictly so, head to this typical street food joint in Khar, Mumbai.

I always rate this place few notch above Bade Miyaan.

I have never been let down in the taste part. For last 15 years, it remains unchanged and so does the manner in which it is served – unpolished but quick!

We tried chicken masala , kaleji masala and gurda fry. Gurda fry and paav is my favourite and I always try the kaleji with rumali roti.

The chef keeps on cooking everything in front of your eyes in an open big Tawa. Several dishes are getting cooled side by side on the huge iron plate in front of you and it is one of the best examples of multi tasking you can find anywhere.

This food reminds you of Maqbool Road Amritsar and it is a pleasure to find something like this in a distant place like Mumbai.

Enjoy the good times.

Be forewarned that it is not a place to take your girlfriend or spouse on a date, unless her name is Belly!

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