Crispy chicken T3 (Food Court, International Departures, New Delhi)

In a nutshell:

Nice & interesting fried Chicken shop.

The facade

Address & Other details:Crispy Chicken

Cuisine Type: Nonvegetarian

Meal for 2: Rs. 250 onwards


One fine morning on our way out of the country, we ended up at the food court of International Departures, T3 Airport. We were not very hungry but a bit hungry. We saw a huge poster of ‘KFC look’ buckets of Nuggets. So we walked to the counter& asked for nuggets. What was available turned out to be ‘Chicken pops’& the photograph, as I was told, was ‘galat hai’ (wrong picture).

The super chatpata YUMM chicken pops

So we ordered the Chicken pops & also a KFC style(visually) burger.

Chicken pops as I figured out, was chicken fingers (strips of chicken breast cut into human finger sized strips), cut into pieces, marinated in masala &crumb fried. It tasted real good. I am not a big chicken fan but this one was unstoppable. My hands were on auto mode – travelling from the plate to the mouth & so on.

My friends who joined, were also constantly popping these in. Some friends who decided not to eat at 6am in the morning – only 1 curiosity bite led to instant addiction. Their hands wud also refuse to stop.

Chicken burger was just ok. It had some sweet sauce – very weird, like in Far East Asian version of Mc Donald Burgers. Strangely, this was not mentioned anywhere. If a burger is sold in India, people expect a certain kind – A variation needs to be mentioned.

Burger at Crispy Chicken

We went for an extra mustard dip for Rs. 35. That was quite cool.

Overall – Very limited menu but quite chatpata. Interesting. Will eat again.

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