7 degrees Brauhaus (3rd Floor, South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Sector 53, Gurgaon)

In a nutshell:

One of the many micro-breweries – ‘Freshly brewed Beer’ places in Gurgaon that not only serves good beer but also beer cocktails & thankfully focuses on serving some excellent food as well.

The logo

Address & other details: 7 degrees Brauhaus

Meal for 2: Rs. 1200 onwards (alcohol separate)

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

Micro breweries are popping up every here & there in Gurgaon. It all started with Howzzat few years back in Galaxy Mall. While all of them serve 2-3 options of fresh unbottled beer, most of them serve really average food. My experience of food at Lemp has been very average – same for Downtown & of course for Rockman’s & Howzzat. Its different that post a couple of glasses of beer the tastebuds tend to numb & taste does not really matter at that time, but food is surely not the forte in most of these places – all of them have some good / popular / chatpata items but in general food is average to good – not outstanding / excellent.

A view of the bar area

Brauhaus is an exception. I was pleasantly surprised by the good food (I tried the German food section only) at this place & am willing to get back to try & ‘eat’ more stuff – a feeling that I have not got in other places so far.

The interiors are very good – high ceilings ensure that the place seems airy & non-claustrophobic. However, the seating area is quite cluttered. In fact the seats are so near that if the music stops, u might be able to catch a whisper from the table beside u. A part of the seating area has trees (with leaves) etc & u get the feel of sitting beneath the tree (without the threat of bird droppings).
The crowd was almost a 50:50 mix of Indians:Expats.

Music was good. I liked the little note-slips kept on the tables that looked like audio cassette covers – they were meant for music requests to the DJ.

Music request slips that look like audio cassette covers

The waiting staff who was in charge of our table was a very good guy & he positively contributed to us having a very good experience.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to njoy reading:

We started our evening with a ‘special’ beer that supposedly had better flavors than the lager (said our guy). We trusted his recommendation & really liked what came in. I am not a connoisseur of beer or alcoholic beverages but I fully enjoyed this one – very smooth, chilled, not bitter like the bottled ones & a mild nice flavor.

‘Special Beer’ at 7 degree Brauhaus

For food we ordered a Grilled German sausage platter that had an assortment of Nurnberg Bratwurst, Krakauer, Weisswurst , Weiner & Knaxx. All were obviously different than each other & had their own distinct flavours & tastes. I won’t say these r the best sausages I had ever had, but some of the sausages from this platter will figure in top 5  sausages I have had in the last one year.

sausage platter at 7 degree Brauhaus

While I liked all the sausages, I super duper loved the tiny dark brown Knaxx pepperoni style sausages. They had a thick rubbery cover & a juicy , strong & rustic ‘taste & flavor’ within.

close-up of sausages at 7 degree Brauhaus

This was served with a very good mustard sauce that was quite pungent & tangy. The sauerkraut served with this was very enjoyable too.

some more sausages at 7 Degree Brauhaus

A pretzel was also served with this platter – it was good but got lost within so many juicy ‘n tasty sausages.

pretzels served with sausage platter

Post this we ordered a 7 degrees Brauhaus non-vegetarian platter. It had three strips of fried chicken, fried calamari, prawns, minced meat pie & an outstanding set of 3 meatballs.

The non vegetarian platter at 7 degrees Brauhaus

This was accompanied with an orange sauce that had a mayo base – close to cocktail sauce but different. I am usually not much of a ‘sauce’ fan but this one was very very good.

The chicken strips were very crispy fried outside, perfectly salted & perfect by German standards but it is quite bland by Indian standards – I mean Indianized spicy KFC that we get these days. I super enjoyed this chicken strip with the sauce described above.

chicken strips

The calamari rings were dry, crispy fried – very different texture than the soft, glazed texture that we r usually used to. Taste was very very good.

calamari rings & meatballs at 7 degrees Brauhaus, with the orange sauce in the background

The prawns had been made into little pops – very interesting & good to taste.

The most interesting part of this platter was the meatballs – it had a hand-pounded kind of texture, very robust taste & flavor, soft in texture & topped with a dark brown sauce. Super liked this again.

The pie was also good to taste – layers & layers of crispy cover with a minced chicken filling within. Good.

mixed meat pie

My partner noticed a section called ‘beer cocktails’ & she went in for a beer mojito. That turned out to be interesting – not great not bad either. It was made of lager & I guess wud have been better if made with the Special Beer.

Beer Mojito @ 7 degrees Brauhaus

I also tried the dark beer & liked it. I liked the Special Beer better though.

Dark beer at 7 degrees Brauhaus

The last dish that we had was pork knuckles. When she suggested this item after reading about it in the menu, I remembered the pork knuckles that I have had in China. Those were more cartilage & less meat. The pork knuckle served here was of course the European kind. It was unexpected huge portion served along with a dual needle fork & a meat knife. The guy serving us offered to get the same cut from the kitchen as well.

Pork knuckles at 7 degrees Brauhaus

The pork was outstanding & so was the brown sauce that was poured atop. It turned out to be one of the best dishes in the evening. The outer layer was crispy & the inner layer was soft & somewhat juicy. Flavors & taste was truly enjoyable. My only regret was that I wud have been able to appreciate it better if we wud have had it earlier – not after 2 platters.

pork knuckles cut at the Kitchen & re-served

Needless to say we did not have space for desserts & there were quite a few unusual (for Delhi NCR) desserts on the menu. Look forward to trying those on some occasion in future – will surely keep u guys updated.

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  1. Dear Sanjay,
    YUMMRAJ is all about being candid & spelling out the exact same feelings that comes to mind ‘on the spot’ ……………Look forward to try out some more food sometime in future

  2. Hey Yummraj,

    Can you give us an idea of the prices of beers offered here. I’ve been to both Howzzat and Rockman’s and Rockman’s wins hands down for their beer.Food there is tad expensive and here howzzat is slightly light on the pocket.

    1. thanks for writing in.

      Very Sorry, I am not remembering the price now. Maybe u can call them & ask.7 Degrees Brauhaus, Gurgaon phone number 0124 2623999, +91 9999486910, +91 8800267162

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