Asia Alive (Double Tree by Hilton, Golf Course Road, Sector 56, Gurgaon)

This is a review of Breakfast only at Asia Alive

In a nutshell:

‘Classic’ Continental buffet spread that is very good on its own but there r better options in Gurgaon.

Eggs Benedict at Doubletree Hilton

Address & other details: Asia Alive

Meal for 2: Rs. 1500 onwards

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

It was a Saturday morning & we were upto our customary ‘Earn ur breakfast’ – Walked 5.8 km to reach Asia Alive to enliven ourselves. Called up the Restaurant the night before & confirmed that it will b open in the morning. So we walked all the way excited to have Asian food for Breakfast – like at Sakura / Sen5es.

Oriental Stir fried veggies & stir fried noodles @ Doubletree Hilton

We were very disappointed to find Continental & Indian spread in place of an Asian spread for breakfast. In fact we were expecting live dimsum / congee / stir fry counters but ended up at a live Dosa counter!!!!!

The decor was obviously nice but nothing special to remember.

The staff members were very warm, attentive & efficient. They surely took care & contributed positively to our breakfast experience.

Tailor-made ice cream teppanyaki @ Doubletree Hilton

Food was very good in general that does not qualify for a ‘wow’ though. Loved the breakfast here – small spread, good ingredients, simple but good food without any twists / turns/ surprises. Sen5es Pullman Hotel breakfast spread beats this hands down on spread & the wow factor.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to njoy readin:

We stuck to the Non Indian section.

We started our buffet meal with a Vegetable quiche – this is not something that I usually pick up in a large buffet. But since the spread was small & the quiche looked attractive, I decided to go for it. ….. & not only did I not regret but it exceeded my expectations. The case of the quiche was layery & crispy outside, the veggies within were fresh & flavourful, the cheese was just right & most importantly the taste & flavour of the veggies were speaking out.

Vegetable Quiche @ Doubletree Hilton

The next item we tried was a chicken cold cut. It was prepared in-house. Subtle & enjoyable are the words for this.

Chicken cold cut @ Doubletree Hilton

The smoked salmon was very good – capers added zing to the taste.

Smoked Salmon @ Doubletree Hilton

The chorizo salami had a robust taste & intense flavours. Loved it.

Chorizo @ Doubletree Hilton

The pork sausage was relatively bland & did not stand out. It was soft & juicy though.

pork sausage @ Doubletree Hilton

I also tried the pre made breakfast cereal with miscellaneous condiments – liked them.

Condiments with breakfast cereal @ Doubletree Hilton

Our server brought us a freshly squeezed Watermelon juice & freshly squeezed sweet lime juice. The water-melon juice was just watermelon juice. Chilled as it was, it tasted great.

Watermelon juice @ Doubletree Hilton

We opted for a Tailor-made European style omelet. We asked them to serve us non Indian Omelet version – so there were no corainder, chilly etc. They added some bacon (really good ones), mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, onions etc. It was simple but tasted superb.

tailor-made European style omelet @ Doubletree Hilton

We also ordered an Eggs Benedict (outside of buffet) – We ordered this separately from alacarte section. It was good but the vegetarian (non salami version) of Eggs Benedict at Choko La Khan Market & the miscellaneous Eggs Benedicts at Eggspectations, Vasant Kunj r much better than the one at Asia Alive.

Eggs benedict @ Doubletree Hilton

Post this we tried stir fried veggies & stir fried noodles. The stir fried veggies were good to taste but very bad in texture – a stir fry shud have been served fresh out of the wok & not kept cooked – the veggies had lost out on crunchiness.

stir fried veggies @ Doubletree Hilton

The stir fried noodles with real Chinese flavors (not chinjabi) were good.

stir fried noodles @ Doubletree Hilton

The most dramatic item of the whole breakfast was the tailor-made ice cream teppanyaki – We stood at the counter & the chef created magic in front of us while talking to us. A muddy textured ice cream was poured on a cold plate & spread out with a spatula – the way a dosa is made from a mix. The way it was being spread was however different from that of a dosa. The ice cream when spread so thin was solidifying instantly (due to the sub zero temperature of the plate). The chef then put all the toppings of our choice – nuts, jellies, sauces, snickers etc & wrapped up the ice cream. It was heavenly – better than the one at Sen5es.

Ice cream teppanyaki @ Doubletree Hilton

Overall – Wud not go to the breakfast again inspite of the food being good as it is, but becoz there r better options in Gurgaon. Wud surely revisit this place for dinner & look forward to that.

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