Haji Allauddin sweets (Phears Lane, Chuna Gali, near Central Metro station, Kolkata)

In a nutshell:

A sweet shop that stands out for its unique & outstanding offering in a city that is dotted with sweet shops in every nook & corner.

Facade of the shop

Address & other details: Alight at Central metro station (towards Poddar Court end). U come across a statue of Maharana Pratap on ur left if u r facing Girish Park. Once in front of the statue, take the road to the right (if u r facing the statue). Take first right turn from there & go straight. The shop is on the left.

Freshly made laddoos lined up

Meal for 2: Rs. 50 onwards

Cuisine type: Vegetarian


While there r plenty of sweet shops in Kolkata & there r shops that do unusual sweets, there is a type / trend. Most shops serve sweets with a chhena base – traditional Bengali sweets. For variation, there r shops like Gupta Brothers, Tiwari Brothers etc that serve usual North Indian sweets. However, some of the sweets at Haji Allauddin r quite unique.

As we entered the shop we found two guys sitting on the shop floor & making sweets. We asked them about it & they said it was Mawa laddoo. We wanted to try & they served the ‘just made’ laddoo straight from their big container.

Laddoos being made

Mawa laddoo was made with loads of Mawa (reduced milk) & sweet boondis (usually used to make boondi raita).

Closeup of mawa laddoo mix

Result – The strong sweetness of the boondis was not there but their presence was felt in terms of both taste & flavour. The mawa added richness, creaminess & a different dimension to the sweet. I was floored. I wud rate it 4.5/5

Mawa laddoo

Next to this we tried a battisa – As the name suggests, battisa has 32 different ingredients. Battis in Hindi means 32. This was a halwa dark in color, robust, rustic, daanedaar, flavourful & awesome to taste. Outstanding is the word to describe this. I cud not think of anything similar that I have had in the past. Again I wud say this was 4.5/5.


Third thing that we tried was the ubiquitous Gulab Jamun. This used to be one of my favourite sweets about a decade & half back when people still made & served fresh Gulabjamuns. Today almost all caterers, restaurants & sweet shops serve a microwave heated, flat tasting gulab jamun which is not much different from a sweet called ‘pantua’ in Kolkata – fried chhena balls dipped in sugar syrup.
Few things that differentiated a pantua from the original Gulab jamun were – Gulab Jamun had a tinge of salt, a central filling with kesar & nuts, desi ghee as a frying medium, a thick sugar syrup & a non-fluffy texture with less permeability. Less permeability ensured that the mid part of the sweet wud not b too sweet.

Gulab Jamun

The good news is that Haji Allauddin still makes the original version & we loved it. Reminded me of our Gulab Jamun experience at Puran Pahalwan. Once again this gets 4.25/5.

Tried some other sweets in my earlier visits & was seldom disappointed by any. Consistency of taste & passion to serve good food seems to be the driving force. Visit this place sometime, njoy the sweets & I wud love to know ur comments.

9 thoughts on “Haji Allauddin sweets (Phears Lane, Chuna Gali, near Central Metro station, Kolkata)

    1. I disagree. Haji Allauddin laddoos are made with a secret recipe almost a century old. Plus it’s made in pure ghee. Liaqat sweets don’t make it in pure ghee.. And even if they do they don’t have the secret ingredients.

  1. I am a diehard fan of the suji ka halwa haji alauddin serves only in the morning with puri and bhaji.if you add the dal puri available in the lane oposite to that lane you have the most amazing breakfast.further down u have these tikyas with chappatis that are mind blowing.i live in mumbai but without fail i always visit these joints

  2. We have opened another branch of Haji Allauddin at garden reach opp. Kamal talkies.
    Another coming up soon at park circus…

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