Yamu’s Panchayat (92/Ndmc Market, Outer Circle, near Kake da Hotel, Connaught Place, New Delhi)

In a nutshell:

Loved eating paan at this unique paan shop (not a hole in the wall) that sells 41 different flavours of paan, hookas of endless variety, smoking pipes etc.

panchayat – the board outside

Address & other details: On the same footpath as Kake da Hotel, National Hotel, Royal Restaurant etc on outer Circle.

Meal for 2: Rs. 80 onwards

Cuisine type: vegetarian


After eating loads of nonvegetarian food at the adjoining ‘dhabas’ of Connaught place when it is time for dessert, this shop can be quite useful – in case u r willing to consider eating paan for dessert:).

This is exactly how I came to know of this place. After a dinner with our friends we were looking out for some dessert & came the suggestion.

Panchayat claims to be india’s first ‘Paan Parlour’. Well, at least u can enter this shop, stand in a queue to get ur paan & choose from a variety. For a change here is a paan shop where people do not have to beat the weather while trying to buy the paan.

paan at Panchayat

The shop as I mentioned above, lists 41 different kinds of paan as its offering. A corner is dedicated to hookas of different shapes, colors & sizes – u can buy off the shelf. Smoking pipes (I don’t know how many people still smoke them these days) were also on sale.

They also pack paan for people to take them home – the packaging is exactly like sweet boxes. Never seen this before.

packaging of paan

On day 1 we decided to go for the basic meetha paan. It is very good – to keep it short & simple. The betel nuts r soft – so they do not break into powder once inside the mouth. The leaf of the paan used is very good – soft & hence enables the paan to be ‘melt in the mouth’. The ingredients that follow in the making of the paan are all added generously. Result – the size of the paan becomes humungous – at times it feels easier to eat the paan in 2 bites. Infact, they serve the paan in a paper plate!!!! Once inside the mouth, it just vanishes in a short while. A strong sweet dessert I say, with a paan flavour that melts in the mouth.

On day 2 tried pineapple flavour. While watching the making of the paan I realized that it was the same – only a pineapple jelly was being added. I liked it though it was quite sweet. I think those who do not have a sweet tooth wud not like this much.

On another occasion, tried the ‘sandalwood’ flavour. This one was interesting, subtle & had a very soothing aftertaste.

Mint flavour sounded interesting. Am yet to try that.

Check out this paan shop if u r in CP. I think u will not b too disappointed.

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  1. I hv been there friend its really a great place for refreshments after meal, very clean hygienic & a friendly ambience it was very nice experience . guys go there to enjoy paan & other mouth freshners with a unique prepration 🙂

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