Pandit Ved Prakash Nimbu Pani wale (Opposite Town Hall, Chandni Chowk, Delhi)

In a nutshell:

Strong potent tasty lemon drink that instantly smoothens out the wrinkle on the forehead – No MNC colawala can ever match this.

The facade of the shop
The facade of the shop

Address & other details: Once out of the Chandni Chowk Metro Station, ask anyone about Town Hall. Once u r in front of townhall, cross the road to the opposite side & u come to a semi circular open area. This shop is on the corner right (if u r standing with ur back to the townhall) of the semi circle.

Town Hall
Town Hall

Meal for 2: Rs. 10 per glass

Cuisine type : Vegetarian

Disclaimer: All restaurants / eateries reviewed by YUMMRAJ were visited by YUMMRAJ himself & he has paid for the full Bill & tips also. does not have even one featured / sponsored reviews. YUMMRAJ believes in going to a restaurant in anonymity, as a normal guest, experience everything & give a honest account of the same to you.


I have been visiting this place for many years now. Never wrote about it though. Earlier an elderly gentleman (the owner) used to man the unique shop. Nowadays his younger brother has taken over. Both of them are referred to by locals as ‘Panditji’. I go there not too ofter but they seem to remember & I always enjoy a good chat with them on everything from food to price rise to even US elections.

The shop has two levels – On the top level few guys are sitting & constantly churning out Nimbu pani using local made soda (banta) & their mix of secret masala. The owner usually stands outside the shop , takes orders, relays the order to the guys on the top, picks up the glasses from top & hands them over to the customer & also takes the money. He does this so effortlessly while talking & chatting that it amazes me.

Drink being prepared on the 'top level'
Drink being prepared on the ‘top level’

The banta used is of superior quality & is surely much stronger than any of the MNC sodas. The secret masala is just perfect in terms of taste & flavor. Amount of freshly squeezed nimbu (lemon) is as perfect as it can get. I have had nimbu pani in many places & I am sure all of u have. I am at loss to describe in words but this is one of the best nimbu panis I have had in the past.

The wow nimbu pani
The wow nimbu pani

Coming to the price. It has been Rs. 10 per glass for last 4 -5 years. I asked – ‘How do u manage this abnormal feat’? The answer was ‘My elder brother believes in paper thin margins per unit & big volumes. So far we have been able to sustain pretty well but of late we are feeling the pressure. Maybe we will increase the price this summer by a rupee!!!!’.

Top view of Nimbu pani
Top view of Nimbu pani

Love this place & always end up drinking at least 2 glasses of nimbu panai one after the other – it is just too tempting. After 2 glasses the dust, sweat, crowd, dhakka dhakki of Chandni chowk all momentarily disappear from mind…………….. what a feeling!!!!!!!!!!!

March 16th :

Reveisted the shop in 2 weeks & what!!!!! Prices revised up to Rs. 12…………… ha ha. Now u can ascribe YUMMRAJ to b a cause for inflation:)

new rate list
new rate list

Of late they have started selling tikkis – yet to taste those as we usually reach this shop after a stomach full of food from other shops.

New tikki counter
New tikki counter


    1. for that u will hv to visit this 1000 year old city:) I am sure ther r loads of such stuff in teh Middle East as well – If not particularly in Dubai?

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