Kake di Hatti (Chandni Chowk, near Fatehpuri Masjid, beside Giani’s, Old Delhi)

In a nutshell:

Excellent parathas – many times better than at the disgustingly famous Parathewali gali, Superb vegetarian curries, raita & daal in a low profile restaurant with an ‘airconditioned section’ for families.

Kake di Hatti
Kake di Hatti

Address & other details: Once out of the Chandni Chowk Metro Station, take a rickshaw to Fatehpuri Masjid. Once u r in front of Fatehpuri Masjid, (facing the masjid) turn right & keep walking for 50 meters & u get Giani on ur left. This restaurant is just beside Giani.

Mammoth Paranthas 'Kake's size' - I guess as big as car tyres
Mammoth Paranthas ‘Kake’s size’ – I guess as big as car tyres

Meal for 2: Rs. 200 onwards.

Cuisine type : Vegetarian

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Short Description – in case u r in a hurry:

I heard about this place for the first time from one of my ‘Shudh Shakahari’ friends. He praised the food a lot but said ‘it is a bit dingy & is not an attractive eating place’. The food at my friend’s house is usually very YUMM & I thought – If the guy who is used to eating good food at home everyday is saying ‘Kake di Hatti’ is good, there must be something about it.

Filling of different kinds of Paranthas kept in the kitchen
Filling of different kinds of Paranthas kept in the kitchen

A week back when I reviewed ‘Asha Ram Foods’, one of my readers suggested this same place again. He was very nice to give a list of his favorite items as well. So without wasting any time, we made it a point to descend here on a weekend.

We reached the Restaurant at 2.30 pm – all the way from Gurgaon, to see that it is jam packed & people are waiting. We decided to wait & approx. at 2.45 we were standing in the 1st floor ‘family section’. This section is pretty nicely done with white painted interiors & air conditioning.

Inside the 1st floor Family section - packed choc - a block
Inside the 1st floor Family section – packed choc – a block

I was advised that I shud take my ‘female friend’ with me to make sure I am let into the 1st floor. That was a good piece of advice & I recommend that u take that advice as well. Else, ground floor is always an option.

Writing on the wall - Stags not allowed:)
Writing on the wall – Stags not allowed:) + Do not wash hands in ur plate!!!! (that means some people had attempted to do that sometime & hence this notification).

A Gentleman with big moustaches who seemed to be the owner / a family member was managing the traffic on 1st floor with amazing effectiveness. He made sure that within a minute of one family leaving, the table was ready for the next.

Notifications on the wall
Notifications on the wall

As we sat for the lunch, he smiled at us & warned – Order moderately, else u might need to pack the balance for dinner. We heard him & for four of us ordered 4 paranthas & 2 curries. Let me tell u, we cud not finish all of that in our dinner as well. Portions r not large, they r mammoth.

Service is fast. The guys who serve r young, good natured normal human beings without obviously any formal ‘Hotel Management training’. They managed to impress me a lot with their warmth & their ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ kind of approach.

The walls r adorned with loads of notifications some of which r interesting & others plain funny.

'Do not hurry us - we r in more hurry than u to serve food fast' - says the note
‘Do not hurry us – we r in more hurry than u to serve food fast’ – says the note

The menu card is unexpectedly nicely done. It has two pages & is laminated.

menu card
menu card

Food rules & u can easily forget the rest. Wonder why the shops in malls & most stand alone shops in New Delhi cannot even reach a fraction of where these guys have reached in terms if terms of pleasing ur tastebuddies.

Detailed Description – In case u have the Time to NJOY reading:

Paranthas r made in dozens per minute in Chandni Chowk. So the traditional way of making paranthas (put on a tawa, cook it sookha, then add oil/ ghee & fry it) is not used. Parathewali gali guys deep fry the paranthas & turn it into a disaster. The guys here tandoor the parantha, apply liquid butter from the top & serve. This one comes out way better

We started our meal with Paneer parantha. This was crumbled paneer & tiny slices of onions & green chillies within. Superb is the word. Non spicy, excellent paneer & a great balanced taste. The outer layer was slightly crispy & the inside soft. I wud give this a 4.5/5.

Paneer parantha
Paneer parantha

Next came Lasan (garlic) parantha. We loved this – strong taste & flavor of garlic. Wah. However, I realized that 2 of my co-diners did not like this as much as they r not used to eating minced garlic & the strong flavors of garlic. I wud give this a 4.25/5 again.

The third in line was a Cheese Capsicum onion Paratha. I am usually a traditional eater – like to njoy food as it is , in its purest traditional form. So Cheese parantha is something that I wud never order but ended up doin that on request from a co-diner. Was pleasantly surprised – It was good – crispy outside & super soft melt in the mouth cheese, onions & capsicum within. Loved it & wud rate it 4/5.

The 4th paratha that we ordered was ‘Dhuandaar’ literally meaning ‘emanating smoke’. We asked what it was & the reply was ‘super hot parathas that might lead to smoke coming out of ears’. We ordered this & as expected, it was super duper hot. The source of chilly was not obvious but it was effective. The taste of the overall paratha was however ‘good’ but not beyond that. So I give this a 3/5.

Dhuandhaar Parantha
Dhuandhaar Parantha

We ordered Pineapple raita & were told it is sold out. So we ordered lauki raita. When it was served, I noticed there were thin strands of lauki in a bowl full of curd. A spoon of the raita in our mouth did not impress us much – it was not bad either. It was then that our waiter walked up to us (probably seeing our expression) & said ‘pls sprinkle ‘that’ masala on this………………. & yes, it was magic. The super duper masala transformed the lauki raita into an outstanding chatpata food that we wiped off in flat 60 seconds. I wud give this a 4/5.

Lauki raita
Lauki raita

Coming to the curries we ordered Kadhai Paneer to start with. It was served with a dollop of butter. The taste was one of the best I have had in Delhi in the recent past & we were pleasantly shocked. We looked at each other in utter disbelief & then polished off the serving plate in a way as if there was nothing in it ever!!!! The paneer was super soft melt in the mouth kind as well. I wud give this a 4.75/5.

Kadhai Paneer
Kadhai Paneer

The next curry was a malai kofta curry. The kofta was super soft & extremely tasty. It had dry fruits in it. The gravy was quite average however & stood nowhere near the outstanding paneer gravy. The gravy gets 2.5/5 & the kofta gets a 4.5/5 & thus overall the score for the dish averages out to 3.5/5.

Malai Kofta curry
Malai Kofta curry

Overall the rating of food at Kake di Hatti averages out to 4/5.

We finally rolled out of the restaurant & headed straight to Ved Prakash Nimbu Pani wale……………..

I wud surely revisit this place. How about u?

28 thoughts on “Kake di Hatti (Chandni Chowk, near Fatehpuri Masjid, beside Giani’s, Old Delhi)

  1. Wow paneer parantha and paneer… mmm will go there soon. Thanks have been reading your posts regularly. Great job.

  2. I had gone to this place and sat on the ground floor…never even in my dreams I would have imagined that the second floor is decorated so well!! stark difference…though not in quality of food…

  3. Next time try the Dal Makhani and Palak Kofta or Palak Paneer. The Palak variety is very different from what we generally have.

  4. Yummraj….Today I had visited the restaurant and had my meal along with my son and wife in family section at first floor. We ordered Aloo pyaj naans and pineapple raita. I may sound little different but Yummraj the place is really dingy and hygiene factor is miles away… vegetables, dals, curries are kept in open containers all over the restaurant. Piles of boiled & mashed potatoes can be seen in different areas of restaurant. The family area is also dirty and smudgy affair. I wonder so many helpers in the restaurant but no one bothers about cleanliness. How much time it take to put in the process of cleanliness in your system like keeping containers and boiled, cut, mashed vegetables in covered containers.
    No doubt the food was good but cleaniless kills all the excitement. It’s a clear no for me for second visit. A great disappointment for me please. I had been to so many legendary restaurants like Karim’s (near zama masjid, Delhi), Bade miyan in Mumbai and they are acceptably clean but Kake di Hatti.. no further words pl……

    1. Hi Vishal,
      Thanks for writing & sharing with all my readers. Yes, hygeine is smething that is not top of mind in the Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk area. Incidentally when I was there the owner was incidentally making sure that the place is cleaned up etc.

      Good that u did like the food.



  5. Thanks YummRaj,
    For authorizing my post. Incidentally I have seen owner has posted few notices in the family section for suggestions/ feedback for opening franchises or second outlet in other market. But the guy will have to take care the hygiene factor. Someone told me that cleanliness at Karim was okkk kind initially but from last 5-8 years things have changed… I would like this tasty king size naan outlet to improve on hygiene front…. if he wants to expand. 

    1. Thanks Vishal:) I always authorize all posts even if someone disagrees with my point of view or criticizes the post. That is how we all can have a fair conversation

  6. Nice Review.
    I have been visiting this place since 1997 and its as amazing as ever. I have taken numerous friends and every single one of them has loved the mammoth tandoori parathas. Really wish the ‘famous’ Paranthe wali gali takes some lessons from this outlet.

  7. Recent visit after reading this post with my wife and three year old angel on Last Saturday….The Place is exactly the same and really we both were tiresome to finish one gigantic Naan …..the taste was superb we ordered Daal Tadka and Lauki Raita both too were Fatafati…..

  8. worst place got cockroch in naan, worst management they dnt care of this as they r big.

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